WATCH: Dominik Mysterio suffers the wrath of Rhea Ripley’s fierce rival after SmackDown went off-air 

Raquel Rodriguez put away Dominik Mysterio with ease, but it wasn't enough, as Rhea Ripley picked up the win.

WATCH: Dominik Mysterio suffers the wrath of Rhea Ripley’s fierce rival after SmackDown went off-air 

Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio (via WWE)

The current NXT North American Champion, Dominik Mysterio, has been a thorn in everybody’s path. He always tries to impact the match through outside interference and helps Rhea Ripley win. And now her fierce rival Raquel Rodriguez has become the recent victim of Dirty Dom’s antics.


After SmackDown went off-air, Rhea Ripley fought against Raquel Rodriguez in a singles match. The latter looked comfortable against the Champion. But just like every time, Dominik tried to distract Rodriguez. The 32-year-old unleashed the wrath on Dirty Dom and clotheslined him out of the ring. Unfortunately, that was enough time for Rhea, as she picked up a win with Riptide.

Both women have a long history. They have fought each other in NXT and on the main roster. The last time Raquel had the opportunity to take the title away from Mami was in the Fatal 5-way match for the Women’s World Championship at Crown Jewel. But The Eradicator got the better of her and the other three superstars to retain the belt.

Although Rhea passed the Raquel test, she will have to put her title on the line once again, as she will go one-on-one with Zoey Stark at the Survivor Series. Dominik Mysterio is going to be part of WarGames with his fellow Judgment Day members against Cody Rhodes‘s team. It will be interesting to see whether the Judgment Day members will walk out with a win or not.


Dominik Mysterio’s stablemate sent a warning to Randy Orton

Dominik Mysterio doesn’t shy away from calling superstars out. This time, Dominik Mysterio’s ally, Damian Priest, issued a warning to Randy Orton. The Apex Predator will be the fifth participant on the Cody Rhodes-led team in the Men’s Survivor Series WarGames match.

Randy Orton and the Judgment Day
Randy Orton and the Judgment Day (via WWE)

The Legend Killer was out from a back injury for 18 months. He was revealed to be the final member of Cody Rhodes’s team. Infuriated by this, they warned Randy Ortom to stay out of their business; otherwise, they would make sure he could never return.

Hey Randy, if it's not your own partner taking you out again, it's Judgment Day, making sure you don't have another comeback.
Damian Priest

The two teams are ready to destroy each other in the Survivor Series WarGames match. It will be interesting to see whether Randy Orton’s presence gives the babyface team a strong advantage or if The Judgment Day comes out on top.

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