Drew McIntyre expresses his interest to play a different kind of heel character in the WWE

Drew McIntyre, a former WWE Champion, seems to be interested in playing a new kind of heel and not just the usual big angry man.

Drew McIntyre in WWE
Drew McIntyre in WWE. ( Image Credits: Imago)

Drew McIntyre will lock horns with Karrion Kross at the Extreme Rules premium live event in a strap match. The rivalry between the two began when Karrion made his return to the WWE and attacked Drew McIntyre on SmackDown. Thereafter, Kross began taunting McIntyre with his antics on SmackDown during his feud with Roman Reigns, but the former WWE Champion didn’t pay any heed to him as he was busy concentrating on Roman Reigns. During McIntyre’s match at the Clash at the Castle, Kross interfered in the event, which proved to be an upper hand for Roman Reigns at a point in the match.

The Scottish Warrior beat the hell out of Karrion Kross with the strap belt on past week’s Friday night SmackDown, but the latter managed to overcome and lock McIntyre in the Kross jacket. Drew McIntyre is now considered as a babyface in the company and will fight Karrion Kross, who is now considered the second main heel on SmackDown. Drew McIntyre started his WWE career as a heel and excelled at it; he was even in contention to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 2010, but those plans were abandoned since he wasn’t ready.

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Drew McIntyre was a heel during his feud with The Shield

Drew McIntyre with Bobby Lashley and Happy Corbin during their feud with The Shield
Drew McIntyre with Bobby Lashley and Happy Corbin during their feud with The Shield

In recent times, Drew McIntyre has been a heel during his alliance with Dolph Ziggler as well as Bobby Lashley and Happy Corbin. When McIntyre had formed an alliance with Lashley and Corbin, he feuded with the shield and we saw the trio of McIntyre, Lashley, and Corbin get defeated by The Shield at “The Shield’s Final Chapter” live event in 2019. This was the final time we saw The Shield competing in a match, and God knows when the WWE Universe will see them together again.

Recently, during an interview with NBC Sports Boston, Drew McIntyre expressed his desire to turn heel and stated that he would try to do something different this time and not just be the angry young man that he used to be when portraying a heel.

“If I eventually turn bad again, I wouldn’t just be the big angry man, that character of death, because I can educate who I really am, and I’ll be a lot more interested the next time around.”

McIntyre does the job of playing both a baby face and a heel very well, and it would be great to see Drew McIntyre as a heel again in the future.

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