WWE veteran asks a controversial question about transgender people

Dutch Mantel has stayed up to his controversial nature by asking yet another question regarding the transgender community.

WWE veteran asks a controversial question about transgender people

Dutch Mantel (via TV Newsroom)

Dutch Mantel is one of those wrestling personalities who likes being in controversies. His previous controversies about the transgender agenda made him the target of online hatred from fans. And now his recent question has once again fueled this particular debate. He made some obnoxious remarks, asking people not to call him homophobic.


Dutch Mantel asked a question on Twitter about the sexuality of a trans woman. He asked whether a trans woman who still likes a woman would be straight or a lesbian. Dutch then stated that the LGBTQA+ language confuses him. and he gets into such questions. While he also asked people whether they would label him transphobic for challenging the trans community as a whole.

The controversial tweet received a lot of heat from the Twitter community and resulted in Dutch deleting it. The deleted tweet had responses like, “Why do you care so much” and questioned his needless and controversial statement. He has previously also triggered fans with his upsetting questions concerning trans people, as he criticized them.

Popularly known as the “Dirty” Dutch Mantel, he has worked as a manager for various wrestling promotions. His role in WWE landed as a manager for Jack Swagger, which brought in the heel persona for his then-ring name, Zeb Colter. He has since, then worked as a creative consultant for Impact Wrestling. He got promoted to as head of the creative team.


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Dutch Mantel criticizes WWE for using his nickname for Dominik Mysterio

Dutch Mantel and Dominik Mysterio
Dutch Mantel and Dominik Mysterio (via YouTube)

Former WWE manager Dutch Mantel has shown his anger towards WWE during his conversation on SmackTalk. Mantel stated that he is pissed over the “Dirty” prefix being introduced for Dominik Mysterio. He also stated that Mysterio deserves that nickname but, he is not convinced that someone gave it to him without his permission.

Mantel then put the responsibility on Mysterio to keep up the prefix by doing the best he could. Dutch appreciated him and said, “I mean, he’s got more heat than most guys have in five years in the business.” Thus, he believes that Mysterio does not need any prefix to evolve as a heel.

The WWE veteran also clarified that Dominik’s heel persona was planned by the officials. While Mantel earned it by himself, showing off his heel character to the audience. Stars like Fandango have also adopted this prefix, but Dominik is one of the most high-profile ones on the list.


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