Former WWE Superstar Ryback blatantly lambasted WWE Hall of Famer and dropped the F-Bomb after allegations

The online feud between Ryback and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T takes a new turn as the former IC Champion calls out the Hall of Famer and other veterans.

Former WWE Superstar Ryback blatantly lambasted WWE Hall of Famer and dropped the F-Bomb after allegations

Ryback (via Twitter)

Years after leaving WWE, former Intercontinental Champion Ryback continues to be controversial. He recently took a brutal shot at WWE Hall of Famer Booker T during his livestream. It also included other superstars such as Mark Henry and Busted Open Radio. The Big Guy made some obnoxious remarks.

In the latest livestream, Ryback calls out Booker T for ignoring him and not responding to him. Previously, Ryback had accused Booker T of rejecting his offer to appear on his podcast. The 41-year-old then went on Twitter and called out the Hall of Famer for being a coward. Booker T responded to the accusations, saying that he did not want to interact with the former star due to his behavior.


In the latest podcast, Ryback revealed that he is done being nice. He said, “Booker I tried being nice, but F*CK YOU! F*ck Busted Open! F*ck Mark! F*ck all the f*cking marks. F*ck everybody. F*ck everybody that doesn’t want to have a conversation.” Along with Booker T, Ryback also attacked Busted Open Radio and WWE Veteran Mark Henry.

The 41-year-old has said several times on Twitter and in his podcast that Booker T and other legends have been avoiding him. He believes that he can expose them to the fans, and therefore, they do not want to work with him. This is not the first time Ryback has had trouble with other veterans in the industry.

In the past, he has had public feuds with CM Punk, Triple H, Vince McMahon, and many others. The former WWE superstars often remains in controversy due to his acts.


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Ryback challenges Goldberg to a match

Goldberg and Ryback
Goldberg and Ryback (via Twitter)

The former Intercontinental Champion continues to be in the news years after leaving WWE. Throughout his career, Ryback has been compared to a remodeled Goldberg. Goldberg was notable for being on an unbeaten streak in the late 1990s as the WCW Champion. During his initial run, the similarities between Ryback and Goldberg were noticed by the fans.

Ever since, a lot of fans have stipulated the dream match. When Goldberg made his return to WWE in 2016, the match was heavily discussed. However, it never came to fruition. It was revealed earlier in the year that Goldberg’s contract with WWE had expired and he was a free agent. The rumors about the dream match spread again.


However, this time, Ryback challenged the former WCW Champion to a match himself. The former WWE Superstar also said that he is ready to wrestle in AEW if that means he can face the WWE Hall of Famer. Goldberg has not responded to the challenge; however, it is highly unlikely that Goldberg will wrestle Ryback in any promotion.

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