WATCH: Ryback lashes out at a fan who accused fellow former WWE Superstar of having bad attitude 

On his latest stream on YouTube, Ryback stood up for a former WWE superstar who was accused of having a bad attitude by a fan.

WATCH: Ryback lashes out at a fan who accused fellow former WWE Superstar of having bad attitude 

Ryback (via Bleacher Report)

Ryback recently had a heated argument with a fan on his show who complained about another former WWE superstar, EC3, having a bad attitude. As everyone knows, Ryback is quite popular on YouTube, where he runs his channel “Ryback TV”. On one of the recent episodes of his stream, a fan criticized EC3, which really made Ryback angry.

Ryback fumed and lashed out at the fan, asking him to shut up. He said that wrestlers put their bodies on the line for their entertainment, and people like him are always there to talk sh*t about wrestlers. It seemed Ryback really had a good relationship with EC3, as he kept defending the former WWE superstar. The fan had no respect for the wrestler, as he kept talking bad about him.


Ryback is known for his rage and his aggressive tone, and it seemed that the fan was completely shut out by him. The 41-year-old set a good example by standing up for a fellow wrestler, which is very important. It is a fact that WWE wrestlers always try to give their best so that the fans get full value for their money. Therefore, it’s very upsetting that fans judge them without ever meeting them in real life. Watch the video here.

EC3 is currently working as a full time wrestler in Ohio Valley Wrestling. He was quite a popular name back in NXT, where he had a lot of good matches and spicy storylines. He failed to become much more relevant on the main roster, which led to his release from WWE in 2020. Nevertheless, he won the WWE 24/7 Championship four times in his career.

Ryback has been a very popular name among fans since his time in the WWE. He was a dominant force and literally destroyed his opponents whenever he had a match in the WWE. Although, after his release, he started to criticize WWE quite a lot, which caused the fans to have divided opinions on his personality. But still, nobody can deny that his wrestling skills are top-notch, and he would get a lot of cheers if he ever returned to wrestling.


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Ryback has challenged Goldberg to a retirement match

Ryback and Goldberg
Goldberg and Ryback (via SEScoops)

Ryback is known for calling out pro wrestling companies and wrestlers, and he often ends up talking trash about them. A few weeks ago, Ryback called out and challenged WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg to a retirement match during one of his online streams. In fact, he even tagged and posted about this match on his social media handles to create more hype among the fans.

The fans even saw the AEW logo on the background of this poster as they speculated that the match would happen in AEW. Ryback is currently not signed with any pro wrestling company. But rumors suggest that he could make a return to wrestling soon. If this match actually happens, it will surely make the fans go wild and entertain them a lot.


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