Former WWE Superstar Ryback asks Elon Musk to take his crazy stalker situation seriously and eliminate mentally deranged people from Twitter

Ryback has bashed Twitter once again for neglecting his issue and put forth special advice for former Twitter CEO Elon Musk.

Former WWE Superstar Ryback asks Elon Musk to take his crazy stalker situation seriously and eliminate mentally deranged people from Twitter

Ryback and Elon Musk (via Fox News)

Ryback’s popularity within the WWE universe saw an increase after he left the company. The Big Guy’s sheer internet presence has made him reach a wider audience. However, there are people who hate him and abuse him on social media. A recent example of this was seen when a guy named “Chase” terrorized Ryback and threatened to kill him. The former WWE superstar sought help on Twitter only to get ignored. As a result, he has bashed Elon Musk for not considering his situation.

The 41-year-old earlier smacked Twitter for being inconsiderate of his life and hence sought help from the FBI. And now that his case has been taken over by the FBI, Ryback has addressed his condition to the fans. He took to Twitter to thank the fans who have supported him. Ryback stated that the police department has taken this case seriously and is working on finding information about Chase, unlike Twitter.


The Big Guy has stated that he is being patrolled by the police 24/7 until Chase gets caught. The former Intercontinental Champion has canceled his appearance on Icons of Wrestling for this weekend because of his family’s safety. Ryback has made sure to use his force for self-defense if Chase shows up in the absence of the cops. He then thanked the North Las Vegas Police Department for actually helping him out.

Ryback wanted Twitter’s former CEO Elon Musk, current CEO Linda Yaccarino, and the Twitter support team to learn from this. He also wished that the app would eliminate mentally deranged people who ruin others’ lives. The former WWE star sent a message to his stalker, telling him that he had crossed the line that he shouldn’t have. Ryback also gave an ultimatum to Chase, saying that he would be caught soon by the police.

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WWE is hiding Ryback’s injury over Triple H’s

Triple H and Ryback
Triple H and Ryback (via WWE)

Ryback is one of the biggest names in the pro wrestling industry right now. His growing popularity led to him being a part of different podcasts and interviews. While speaking on the Roundtable Wrestling Podcast, The Big Guy spoke about his hidden injury that could have cost WWE.

The 41-year-old reflected on his time with Nexus when he underwent an ankle injury. He said that he continued wrestling the match with his pain. Moreover, he stated that WWE has footage of that injury but has kept it unreleased as it would surpass the Triple H’s quad injury’s seriousness.

Ryback said that although his leg was broken, his passion for wrestling was still alive. His ankle was flopped up, with the injury heading up to his knee. The Big Guy showed fortitude during the match. He was later admitted to the medical facility.


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