“I liked it,” WWE veteran glad after LA Knight got arrested for attacking AJ Styles

Former WWE manager, Dutch Mantell liked the execution of the home invasion segment between LA Knight and AJ Styles. 

“I liked it,” WWE veteran glad after LA Knight got arrested for attacking AJ Styles

LA Knight and AJ Styles (ia 411MANIA and Wrestling Inc.)

The latest episode of SmackDown saw one of the most iconic moments in recent times. The Megastar LA Knight invaded AJ Styles‘ house and got arrested by the cops, as the brawl got out of control. Fans lost their minds after they saw what lengths the two stars went to destroy each other.

However, fans aren’t the only ones who loved this intense segment between LA Knight and AJ Styles. Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell spoke on SmackTalk and showered high praise for both superstars and the overall segment. He stated that it perfectly suited Knight’s personality and it also made The Phenomenal one look good.

He said that it’s always good to see when WWE attempts the stuff outside of the building. Mantell further added that he also liked the angle of The Megastar getting arrested, as it added more intensity and ferocity to the segment. However, according to the SmackDown commentators, Styles did not press any charges against Knight, and he was later released. 

I liked it… little corny a little bit, but it's different. I like those out-of-the-studio, out-of-the-building stuff, and it fits. It fits him to a T. To show up like that and do something crazy. I think it worked, made AJ look pretty good. Then he got arrested, and I liked it.
Dutch Mantell via Smack Talk

Now, the stakes are higher than ever, with both superstars set to go against each other at WrestleMania. In a match driven by revenge and hate, fans have speculated that a stipulation might be added. It will be interesting to see who finally comes out on top after the match at WrestleMania.

AJ Styles shows respect for LA Knight despite being in a heated rivalry with him

Even though AJ Styles and LA Knight are going to battle in an intense match at the Show of Shows, that didn’t stop Styles from respecting his opponent. Recently, he praised the 41 year old in an interview, showcasing his respect and admiration for the foe.

LA Knight and AJ Styles
LA Knight and AJ Styles (via POST Wrestling)

While speaking on the Battleground podcast, The Phenomenal One stated that Knight has been through a lot to reach where he’s at right now. Their careers followed similar paths, as both made a name for themselves in TNA and gradually rose to the top in WWE.

You gotta respect what he's been through to get to where he's at. I've been there, done that.
AJ Styles on LA Knight via the Battleground Podcast

Styles further added that he grabbed the opportunity with both hands and rocked with it. The 46-year-old star then hilariously stopped praising Knight, as he wanted to channel his frustrations towards him. It will be The Megastar’s first WrestleMania singles match, and he will look forward to winning it.

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