“Happy Birthday SOULMAN” ; Dwayne Johnson shares an emotional message on his Father’s birthday

“Happy Birthday SOULMAN” ; Dwayne Johnson shares an emotional message on his Father’s birthday

Dwayne Johnson is one of the greatest professional wrestlers and entertainers of all time. Johnson’s In-Ring storytelling and promo delivering skills made him a class apart. But a major part of his success he always accredits to his father and wrestling legend Rocky Johnson. Johnson along with wrestling legend Pat Patterson were the ones who coached Johnson before he would go on to become one of the biggest names in the wrestling world.

And on the occasion of his father’s birthday Johnson shared a heartfelt message for him on Instagram expressing that he’ll be forever indebted to his father for whatever he had done for him. Johnson said his dad was a “bad man” in the wrestling world. He said that when his father entered the business it was much tougher than the global juggernaut it has become today.


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Dwayne Johnson posts a heartfelt video on Instagram to wish his father

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson said that he always had a complicated relationship with his father.

The Rock emphasized on the fact that his father entered the wrestling world when there was a lot of racial prejudice against the black people and went on to become the first black champion in WWE. Not only did he achieve success for himself but continuously inspired other people too. The Rock said his father paved the way for many black athletes that are “working their a**es off to achieve greatness.”

He also gave an example of Mike Tyson who had told Dwayne Johnson that he was inspired by his father. This was surprising for Johnson as he said that Tyson had himself been an inspiration for him in the wrestling world. Johnson would then say the most important thing his father taught him was work ethic.


He also said that though he had a complicated relationship with his “old man” but at the end of the day both loved each other. Johnson would then describe his father’s journey that even after getting kicked out from his house at the age of just 13, how his father made his own way to reach the epitome of success. The Rock would then go emotional and share how it is a crazy thing that people become more attached to their loved ones once they realise that they’re gone forever

Johnson would then mention how is father was proud of all his accomplishments and would often say that he has taught him everything. The Rock would then at the concluding moments of the video say that his father always said that “the show must go on” and wished him a happy birthday and thanked his fans for showering love on his dad’s birthday.

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