“You used to like puns before you were cool”; When Edge blasted Becky Lynch for a fiery comment on Twitter

Edge and Becky Lynch have had some fiery conversations on Twitter numerous times

Edge and Becky Lynch during an episode of the Cutting Edge
Edge and Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is one of the most established women in all of the wrestling industry and the biggest proof to that is her popularity. The Man has had a glorious career till now and is expected to take the women’s evolution to a whole another level. The Man is not only known for her abilities but is also known for her desperation to work for the WWE Universe.

Edge and Becky Lynch during an episode of the Cutting Edge
Edge and Becky Lynch during an episode of the Cutting Edge

But the Rated R superstar Edge didn’t seem to be intrigued by the career of the man a few years back. Instead the former multiple time WWE Champion blasted the Man for a short interaction on Twitter. Here’s what he said:

“Aw Becks this whole twitter thing with me didn’t work out well for ya last time. Are you and the boy toy that bored with WWE creative? I mean granted we would make it WAY more exciting, but if you’re that good, ya shouldn’t need us. Oh wait, what? This is still happening? Sorry The Man I got bored after your last weak tweet and walked away. Kind of like I do when your matches come on. Huh. You used to like puns before you were “cool” right? Ratings Jugger-not. And again I say begone little one.”Ringside News

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Becky Lynch and Edge have been dreamt to battle in a mixed tag team match for years

Becky Lynch and Edge have quite a history with each other thanks to Lynch’s fiery conversations with Edge and his wife Beth Phoenix on the social media platforms. The conversations have led to both the top women challenging each other numerous times but the WWE universe couldn’t see a match.

Lynch’s husband, former multiple time WWE Champion, Seth Rollins has also joined the fray numerous times but everytime a Twitter battle took place, the ring seemed missing which has always prevented the WWE Universe from witnessing a dream match up between the two couples. After Phoenix’s return to in-ring action recently at the Royal Rumble 2022 Premium live event, and both the couples being on the same brand, Raw, the WWE Universe can expect a rivalry between the Power couple and the Grit couple sooner than later.

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