SPOILER: Edge set to face former WWE Universal Champion in an “unforgiving” stipulation match at Extreme Rules

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Edge is booked for a big match at the upcoming WWE paper view Extreme Rules.

Edge was blown away by the support he got from his hometown last night on Raw

One of the most prominent wrestlers in WWE history is Edge. In his Hall of Fame career, he has accomplished a lot. He was the first person to win a Money In The Bank contract, and he used John Cena, that time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, to successfully cash it in. Edge has won Royal Rumble twice in his career.

Despite having accomplished everything, Edge retired at a young age as a result of a serious injury he sustained in 2011. When he made his in-ring comeback in the year 2020, he completely stunned everyone because this scenario was considered to be impossible for everyone due to his injury.

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Edge is going to have a match at the next WWE Premium live event

Judgement Day after betraying Edge

A significant leak recently revealed that Edge, who is now engaged in a conflict with The Judgement Day, the heel faction he founded a few months ago, would return in two weeks. Damien Priest, Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio, and their commander Finn Balor make up the faction at the moment.

Tomorrow night on Raw, Edge will exact payback for the thrashing he received, but in addition, one of the sources claims that WWE has also chosen to make him compete in a match against Finn Balor at the next WWE Pay-Per-View Extreme Rules.

The contest’s major selling point is that it’s an I Quit match, which means there won’t be any count-outs or disqualifications. Additionally, neither a pinfall nor a submission will be used to end the contest. Only when one wrestler says “I Quit” will the match be declared over.

Everyone is anticipating this bout because it has been a while since WWE has featured an I Quit match, and Extreme Rules promises to include a wide range of matches that will make it one of the best WWE events this year so far.

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