“It’s that simple” Finn Balor reveals how Rey Mysterio is the reason for Dominik’s betrayal and his heel turn

Former WWE Universal Champion Finn Balor reveals how Rey Mysterio pushed Dominik Mysterio to turn heel and join Judgement Day.

Finn Balor
Rey Mysterio, Finn Balor and Dominik Mysterio
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One of the most athletic wrestlers currently competing in the WWE, Finn Balor is the first WWE Universal Champion in history. At Summerslam 2016 before vacating the championship the following day, Finn is one of the most underutilized and underestimated wrestlers and has not been promoted even once since.

Subsequently then, Finn has been working in the mid-card and is currently serving as the leader of Judgement Day on Raw. He has since developed into one of the best villains on Raw, amusing every single individual in the WWE Universe. Damien Priest, Rhea Ripley, and newcomer Dominik Mysterio make up Finn’s group.

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Finn Balor reveals Rey Mysterio’s opinion on Dominik’s heel turn

Finn Balor
The New Judgement Day after Dominik Mysterio enters the group

Rey Mysterio, the former WWE Champion, thought it was wonderful when Dominik Mysterio recently turned heel by betraying his father and Edge following the Clash at The Castle match. Dominik then joined Judgement Day on the next week of Raw.

In a recent interview on the WWE Bump, Finn Balor said that you can’t force somebody to betray their father because the father pushes his son far away from him, which leads to all of these things. He added that he is certain that Dominik displays improper behaviour every day of Rey and Dominik’s lives.

He claimed that Dominik was being teased, prodded, and, most significantly, mocked and that when he had enough, he had deserted his father and joined the Judgement Day. It was said that we had never provoked Dominik into doing anything like this.

“You can’t push someone to betray their father, the father pushes the child. In every day of their life, I’m sure Dominik had been picked on and poked and jibed and he finally had enough. It’s that simple.” Finn Balor stated this in the interview.

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