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“Smart kid”; Edge welcomes a new member to the Judgement Day

Edge, has accomplished everything inside a WWE ring, and after his blockbuster return, he has been involved in major storylines, mostly pushing the future generation. The “Rated-R” was received to one of the loudest crowd reactions at the Royal Rumble 2020, even winning the event for the second time in his career. The 11-time world champion was involved in a well-acclaimed feud with Randy Orton, and then went to feud with the likes of Seth Rollins, The Miz and Roman Reigns for the universal championship.

"Smart kid"; Edge welcomes a new member to the Judgement Day 4

Currently, Edge has formed a new heel stable known as the ‘Judgement Day’ and has recruited two younger WWE talents, Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley, under his wing. The stable is feuding with AJ styles and Finn Balor and on the recent tapings of Raw, Finn and Aj were joined by Liv Morgan, who seemed to be reluctant at first. While there have been many rumors of a fourth member joining Judgement Day, Edge informally has inducted a member on his own.

"Smart kid"; Edge welcomes a new member to the Judgement Day 5

The Judgement Day leader responded to a fan’s post on Twitter, telling him that he is a “smart man”. The fan in question is very young and apparently his name is Dean. According to the caption of the video, the young fan rose from his seat when Damian priest asked everyone to do so and said that he also wanted to join Edge.:

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“Smart kid. Consider yourself a member Dean.”

Edge’s heel stable to face Aj Styles’ Team

"Smart kid"; Edge welcomes a new member to the Judgement Day 6

The Rated-R superstar made his intentions know when he attacked AJ Styles after the latter came out to answer Edge’s open challenge to everyone in the locker room. In the process Edge turned heel and started his own faction along with Damian Priest, post Wrestlemania, calling it, ‘Judgement Day’. The stable was later joined by Rhea Ripley who was feuding with Liv Morgan after Rhea turned on Morgan due to continuously failing to capture the Tag Titles.

The team of Aj styles and Finn Balor is now joined by Liv Morgan, thus equaling the numbers advantage, and the feud between the two warring trios will culminate at the next premium live event.

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