WATCH: “Motherf***er is beating me,” Enraged fan smashes his TV with a hammer after losing to Sheamus in a WWE video game

WWE fan wrecks his own television after being defeated by SmackDown superstar Sheamus in a WWE video game

WATCH: “Motherf***er is beating me,” Enraged fan smashes his TV with a hammer after losing to Sheamus in a WWE video game

Sheamus (via Bleacher Report and X)

Video games have a penchant to be highly addictive. Not only are the fans engrossed in the world of gaming, but plenty of WWE superstars are avid gamers. From AJ Styles to Xavier Woods, several WWE talents are expert gamers. One such superstar who showcased his gaming skills by beating a fan in a video game is Sheamus.


Taking it to X, a fan recently uploaded a video of a smashed television screen. The person recorded in the video destroyed the TV screen in a fit of rage. While smashing the TV screen, the fan cussed out SmackDown superstar Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior seemingly vanquished the fellow gamer in a WWE video game.

F**k you Sheamus....I'm sick of this and the motherf***er is beating me."
The fan on X

Thus, the frustrated fan took it to the extreme by smashing his television screen. The 45-year-old took notice of the tweet and gave a nonchalant response to the user. He retweeted the post and wrote, “take it Ham and Cheesy fella,” urging the fan to take it easy. Meanwhile, other fans called him out for splintering one’s items to go viral on the internet.

On the flip side, The Celtic Warrior has been out of action over the last two and a half months. Sheamus is on a hiatus owing to a shoulder injury he sustained in his most recent wrestling match. He battled former WWE superstar Edge, aka Adam Copeland, in a main event clash, in what turned out to be the last WWE match of the latter.


Latest update on Sheamus potential return to WWE

The list of superstars, sidelined due to injuries, is quite long at the moment. However, on the brighter side, some superstars are good to go and make their WWE return sooner rather than later. One such superstar is Brawling Brutes’ leader, Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior hasn’t been seen in a WWE match since the August 24 edition of SmackDown, where he last wrestled AEW superstar Adam Copeland.

Sheamus (via Bleacher Report)

As per the latest reports from Dave Meltzer of WON via Wrestling Inc., the 45-year-old will likely return to WWE programming this week on November 24. Meltzer noted that Sheamus is also being advertised locally to appear on the upcoming episodes of the blue brand.

Moreover, the coming episode of SmackDown will also be the go-home edition of the show ahead of Survivor Series 2023. With Sheamus potentially returning this week, it will be interesting to see how WWE injects the Celtic Warrior into the ongoing WWE programming.

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