Wrestling veteran calls out Tony Khan and AEW to analyze WWE’s methodical build-up of LA Knight

Eric Bischoff has urged Tony Khan to take notes from WWE's bookings and cited an example of LA Knight's current bookings.

Wrestling veteran calls out Tony Khan and AEW to analyze WWE’s methodical build-up of LA Knight

WWE Hall of Famer has asked Tony Khan to learn how booked LA Knight

The unfathomable rise of LA Knight will be studied in the years to come. His popularity is on the rise, and it’s only going uphill. Despite previous criticisms regarding Knight’s lackluster booking, WWE has finally started pushing him. The process has been quite old-fashioned and sometimes frustrating, but it’s now paying dividends. WWE legend Eric Bischoff seems to be a huge fan of the way WWE handled LA Knight.

The WWE veteran has urged AEW CEO Tony Khan to draw inspiration from that. Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric reviewed SummerSlam and LA Knight, in particular. Bischoff said that in order for Knight to be a World Champion in the future, it’s necessary for him to go through the grind. He took the case of Cody Rhodes, where he’s being presented as someone who’s not handed stuff. Likewise, LA Knight needs to take the same path, added Eric.

Moreover, Eric Bischoff called out Tony Khan for his obsession with internet booking. Easy E argued that such mentality fades away with the passage of time as fans stop caring about their choices. On the other hand, if a character goes through hardships before attaining their peak, that’s what sustains them in the long run.

He told the AEW President to take notes from it and learn how to do things on their roster.” Tony Khan, are you listening? That’s why you don’t listen to the internet and you go with what works,” Bischoff said. The WWE Veteran believes that it’s not a good decision to always listen to the internet.

At the end, Eric Bischoff predicted a bright future for the former Eli Drake. Also, he asked the Megastar to just enjoy the ride and accept whatever role WWE asks him to play. According to Bischoff, his run won’t last forever, so it’s better to live every bit of it to the fullest. However, it appears like LA Knight is here to rule this industry. He’s aiming for the top prize in sports entertainment.

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LA Knight had a war of words with The Miz on WWE Raw

LA Knight and The Miz
LA Knight and The Miz were engaged in a War of Words on WWE Raw this week (via- E Wrestling News)

WWE brought LA Knight in for this week’s RAW. His popularity couldn’t be contained, and the company decided not to cool off his momentum from SummerSlam. Nobody would’ve expected the Megastar to pop up on their screens when they tuned in for Monday Night Raw. That said, he engaged in a war of words with The Miz.

Both superstars are known for their incredible promo skills on the mic. They delivered a top-class promo exhibition that would be remembered for a long time. The Miz even called Knight an Attitude Era fanboy, mocking him with his bitter words. In response, LA argued that WWE has always put its money on the wrong horses, Miz being one of them.

When LA Knight said he’d be down to use Miz as the stepping stone to burst onto the main event picture, the A-Lister said he’s the main event. In the end, Miz tried to ambush Knight. However, his plan backfired, and he got dropped on his face courtesy of the BFT from Mr. Knight. This rivalry is going to be a massive boom for the 40-year-old.

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