“Silly a** joke,” WWE HOF’er defends Liv Morgan by chastising her recent arrest for possession of marijuana

Eric Bischoff believes Liv Morgan's arrest was just a bad job done by the police.

“Silly a** joke,” WWE HOF’er defends Liv Morgan by chastising her recent arrest for possession of marijuana

Liv Morgan was recently arrested for marijuana possession [via- TMZ on X and WWE]

A few days ago, Liv Morgan was arrested by local police in Florida. She was accused of possession of marijuana, which was more than the legal limit of 20 grams. Additionally, cannabinoids were also retrieved from Gionna Daddio‘s car. A lot has happened ever since, and WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff thinks that Liv Morgan’s arrest was nothing but a joke.

Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, Eazy E regarded booking someone on the grounds of a vape pen in their car as silly. Bischoff even went on to say that the cop who arrested Morgan would’ve been having just a bad day at work. Eric continued, saying he’s glad that Liv Morgan didn’t spark any backstage heat in WWE.

I think the fact that she had a ticket because there was a vape pen in her car is just silly a*** joke. That cop must have been having a really bad day or maybe it was his or her first day on the job.
Eric Bischoff via 83 Weeks podcast

Shortly after Morgan was arraigned on the said charges, positive news brushed through her morning. According to Fightful Select, there were absolutely no backstage issues over Morgan’s arrest. Even though Liv wasn’t under sheriff captivity for a long time, her fans were given a scare. It’s because WWE’s Wellness Policy about such actions from their superstars is quite robust.

The said superstar might qualify for material breach of his or her WWE contract and be subject to immediate dismissal. In the past, there have been numerous instances of superstars getting suspended for some time, or worse, getting their agreement terminated by the company.

Liv Morgan recently caught up with MJF at The Iron Claw’s premiere

Right now, there’s no bad blood for Liv Morgan in WWE. She could solely focus on healing herself from the shoulder injury she suffered back in July. Recently, an update suggested that Morgan’s not completely healed. And might as well have to be relegated to the medical facility in Alabama.

AEW Champion MJF with Liv Morgan
AEW Champion MJF with Liv Morgan (Via WWE)

It’s been said that there’s currently no timeframe for her return. Outside of WWE, Liv Morgan recently made an appearance at the grand premiere of The Iron Claw. The legendary rendezvous witnessed some jaw-dropping crossovers between WWE and AEW Superstar, MJF.

He posed for the cameras with Liv Morgan. Moreover, Maxwell joked that he’s trying to start dating rumors with the former SmackDown Women’s Champion. It could be a while before Liv Morgan shows up on WWE television.

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