“10/10 MATCH”- WWE Universe goes wild after Iyo Sky defeats her Japanese rival Asuka in a banger match at SmackDown 

Fans go bonkers over the incredible showdown between Iyo Sky and Asuka for the Women's Championship.

“10/10 MATCH”- WWE Universe goes wild after Iyo Sky defeats her Japanese rival Asuka in a banger match at SmackDown 

Iyo Sky defeated Asuka on SmackDown (via WWE)

This week’s SmackDown featured an incredible matchup between Iyo Sky and Asuka for the WWE Women’s Championship. WWE built this collision as a dream match between the two Japanese superstars. They even called it the biggest match of Iyo Sky’s career. The champion retained her title in an incredible showdown.


The bout was made official last week when both superstars had a heated exchange of words. The match kicked off at a slow pace, which gradually gained momentum. The contest had close falls and some unique reversals as well. After ringside interference from Sky’s partner Bayley, the champion successfully grabbed a victory, retaining her championship.

In the closing moments of the match, Charlotte Flair made her presence felt as she delivered a punch to Bayley. As a result, the two superstars will battle each other next week on SmackDown. Asuka lost the chance to become the WWE Women’s Champion as she is now once again pushed to the back of the line.

Iyo Sky showed off her ring abilities in the match. The WWE Universe was highly impressed by her skills, as she lives up to her moniker “Genius of the Sky.” It is going to be interesting to see who steps up against Iyo Sky next as she looks out for another challenger to solidify her reign.


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WWE Universe goes bonkers over Iyo Sky and Asuka’s banger match

Iyo Sky and Asuka delivered one hell of a memorable performance. The fans took to X to show off their love for the incredible showdown on SmackDown. While some fans called it a dream match, others said that WWE could run it all day long.

Iyo Sky and Asuka
Iyo Sky and Asuka (via WWE)

The WWE Universe expressed themselves to praise the match between Iyo and Asuka. Some fans claimed the contest was a 10-on-10 performance. On the other hand, a few fans even compared it to the match between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart at WrestleMania 12. Moreover, they said that after so long, WWE paid some attention to the women’s division.

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