“Give this guy a grammy”- WWE Universe impressed by 33-year-old Superstar as he drops a brutal diss song on getting lot of hate from fans

Top Dolla's new diss track 'Hate Me Now' has proven to be an impressive song for the fans as it conveys a direct message to his haters.

“Give this guy a grammy”- WWE Universe impressed by 33-year-old Superstar as he drops a brutal diss song on getting lot of hate from fans

Top Dolla (via Wrestling News)

SmackDown’s faction, Hit Row, is having quite a decent run on SmackDown. The faction is known for its musical abilities, as they produce rap songs to hype up their presence or majorly diss others in WWE. While the faction is seen performing it, Dolla is credited for its writing process. Top Dolla has recently released a diss track named “Hate Me Now” on his social media pages, which received quite a bit of attention from fans.

It is a diss track to Dolla’s haters, as he states “hate is the new love” through his rap. He told the toxic fans to hate him now, as he has had haters forever. The 33-year-old described them as negativity biases who might even hate the weather. Dolla stated that the reason for the hate was his superiority over those haters’ favorite rappers. The WWE Universe has stated positive replies on the tracks and has shown their excitement towards Top Dolla.

The video displays Top Dolla smoking a White Montecristo cigar and flexing pairs of Air Jordans behind him. A Top Dolla sign with green lighting over it reflects his eponymous ring name brightly. He previously released tracks to either roast other stars or hype up himself or his appearance on SmackDown. Moreover, the 33-year-old released a special rap on Mother’s Day known as “Hey Mama’s Day” to honor his late mother.

This song also hinted at Hit Row’s appearance on the June 23 episode of SmackDown. However, the actual plans for SmackDown were altered afterwards. Dolla was a former NFL star who played for various teams like the Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Washington Redskins. His reign in the NFL ended with the New York Giants in 2018 and was followed by his signing in the WWE.

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Fans reacts to Top Dolla’s new diss track

Top Dolla
WWE superstar Top Dolla (Wrestling Inc.)

Top Dolla from Hit Row is known for his musical abilities outside of the ring. Even though most of his raps include his wrestling life scenario, Dolla is seen roasting other stars and hyping himself during the tracks. His latest release, “Hate Me Now” is loved by the fans, who have reacted massively to it.

Hit Row’s debut on SmackDown came in October 2021, when they were drafted to the main roster from NXT. Although just a month later the stable was released, the reason was WWE’s budget cuts. The team was reinstated without Isaiah Scott’s inclusion, as he had changed paths to AEW.

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