“Absolutely sickening” – WWE Universe livid after Santos Escobar’s disgusting promo wishing for Rey Mysterio’s legs to get amputated on SmackDown

Santos Escobar appeared this week on SmackDown and delivered a repulsive promo on Rey Mysterio.

“Absolutely sickening” – WWE Universe livid after Santos Escobar’s disgusting promo wishing for Rey Mysterio’s legs to get amputated on SmackDown

Santos Escobar and Rey Mysterio (via WWE)

The WWE Universe has seen a lot of master-protege relationships. Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar also shared the same until last week’s SmackDown. Escobar brutally assaulted Mysterio and injured his leg. This heel turn disgusted not only the WWE Universe but also his stablemates, who saw his livid thoughts on this week’s SmackDown.

During his promo this week on SmackDown, the 39-year-old wished that Rey Mysterio never returned to WWE. Zelina Vega, along with Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro, were backstage. They were listening to Santos Escobar explain his previous week’s actions. His explanation soon took a dark turn when he began cursing Rey for never recovering.


Following the vicious assault, Rey Mysterio recently underwent meniscus surgery. Citing the same, Santos Escobar wished that Mysterio would catch an infection so that his leg might get amputated. The repulsive promo from the former Legado del Fantasma leader made fans enraged.

From the bottom of my heart. I hope that the surgery didn't go well. I hope you catch an infection and they have to amputate your leg. As a matter of fact, I hope you never come back.
Santos Escobar

The Emperor of Lucha Libre looks furious at his idol. The man that he once idolized is now his enemy. It seems Escobar couldn’t handle the attention that deviated from him to Carlito. He kept urging Rey to focus on him and when that didn’t work, he decided to take out the man himself. It looks like one of those rivalries that will put the fans on the edge of their seats every week.

Fans react to the indignant promo by Santos Escobar on SmackDown

The WWE Universe was taken aback when they heard the intrusive thoughts of Santos Escobar. The once-devoted protege has become a fierce enemy of Rey Mysterio. In this week’s SmackDown, he delivered an acidic promo where he cursed Mysterio to never recover. He expressed such livid thoughts that fans were disturbed and took to ‘X’ to express themselves.

Santos Escobar and Zelina Vega
Santos Escobar and Zelina Vega on SmackDown (via WWE)

Fans gave a cluster of reactions. Some interestingly made an analogy between Santos Escobar and Dominik Mysterio. Others seem to think that now that his old teammates have chosen to abandon him, they might see him tagging with the Los Lotharios, who are currently seen in NXT. Check out the reactions of the fans below.

Many fans have simply expressed dismay at the change of heart they experienced in Santos. On the other hand, a few fans even praised him, calling him fantastic for his promo. All in all, the WWE Universe believes that Los Lotharios will join Escobar to form a new faction. It would be interesting to see if the Emperor of Lucha Libre shows up with a new stable on SmackDown.

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