“Solo I hope you enjoy jail” – WWE Universe terrified as Solo Sikoa decimates John Cena with 10+ vicious Samoan Spikes at Crown Jewel

In the aftermath of the terrible defeat suffered by John Cena at Crown Jewel, fans took to X to express themselves.

“Solo I hope you enjoy jail” – WWE Universe terrified as Solo Sikoa decimates John Cena with 10+ vicious Samoan Spikes at Crown Jewel

John Cena and Solo Sikoa (via X)

In the third match of Crown Jewel 2023, John Cena faced Solo Sikoa in a singles contest. Cena entered the arena with thousands, singing his song to the top of their voice. As the bell rang, the fans clearly showed whose side they were on as “Cena” chants flooded the entire arena in Riyadh.


Once the contest came to an end, Solo Sikoa’s victory at Crown Jewel left John Cena’s fans heartbroken. Many of them took to X to outpour their feelings. The WWE Universe is in deep anguish as The Cenation Leader could not end his losing steak at the spectacular event in Saudi Arabia.

The former WWE Champion couldn’t sustain his efforts and lost to the penetrating 15 “Samoan Spikes” delivered in a ruthless manner. This loss of Cena, which came after an emotional confession about his fear of imminent retirement, had left fans concerned. It seems that John Cena’s defeat has put all hopes to an end as fans feel bereft and mourn his loss online.

John Cena had entered with a game plan as he started targeting Solo’s thumb since the match started. However, it did not take The Enforcer long enough to snatch away the reins of the match. Solo Sikoa soon reduced the match’s pace to his benefit and started harming Cena with his precise strikes.


While professional wrestling is full of wins and losses, it is often a sensitive topic when it is related to someone as great as John Cena. The Franchise Player left the ring after receiving a standing ovation from the fans. It will be interesting to see where the WWE legend heads after this heartbreaking loss.

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Fans react to the heartbreaking loss of John Cena at Crown Jewel 2023

John Cena squared up against Solo Sikoa at Crown Jewel 2023. While the former World Champion intended to end his 5-year losing streak, the outcome spoke otherwise. In a ruthless fashion, Solo delivered countless Samoan Spikes to finish John Cena to earn himself a historic win. The defeat suffered by Cena was so overwhelming that fans took to ‘X’ to express themselves.

John Cena at Crown Jewel 2023
John Cena at Crown Jewel 2023 (via X)
In light of these reactions, it’s evident that this match invoked a flood of reactions. For many, seeing their childhood hero suffer such a beating was heartbreaking. Others also pointed out how if Umaga were watching it, it would be one of the best tributes ever. Many unwavering observers even chose to comment to appreciate the mastery of this craft exhibited by Cena. It is because he still continues to stir the hearts of almost everyone watching him.

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