“Don’t mess with The Judgment day” Finn Balor issues warning to the WWE roster    

Former United States Champion Finn Balor puts the WWE on notice after a backstage attack on the Mysterio's

Finn Balor
Finn Balor

Fergal Devitt popularly known around the wrestling world as Finn Balor is the first WWE Universal Champion and currently works on Raw. Finn Balor post Wrestlemania was the WWE United States Champion but los the title to Theory on an episode of Raw. Following his title loss Finn Balor started a feud alongside AJ Styles against Edge and his newly formed faction of the Judgement day. Balor formed his own team alongside former Bullet Club member AJ Styles and with Liv Morgan against Edge, Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley.

After a lot of build-up leading to the Hell in Cell premium live event the two teams faced of in a intergender three on three match at the premium live event. The Judgement emerged victorious on the night and following the match edge said that he would introduce a new member to the faction. With many speculating different superstars, it was revealed on Raw that the new member of Judgement Day is none other than Finn Balor.

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Finn Balor alongside Damian Priest and Ripley assaulted Edge

Finn Balor
Inaugural Universal Champion Finn Balor

After Balor made his way to the ring Edge cut a promo introducing the newest member and proceeded to give the mic to Damian Priest. In a shocking turn of events Priest told Edge that he was the weak link and alongside Finn Balor and Ripley launched a vicious attack on the former WWE Champion officially kicking him out of his own faction. Finn Balor became the unofficial leader of the Judgement Day following the events on Raw.

On last week’s episode of Raw Balor and Priest were seen talking to Dominic and Rey Mysterio in a backstage segment. Priest and Finn Balor were trying to get Dominic Mysterio to leave his father Rey and join them instead. That escalated the tension between the two teams, which resulted in WWE booking a match on the most recent episode on Raw.

Finn Balor
Demon Finn Balor

The match was enjoyable as it went back and forth between the two teams but during the climax of the match Rey Mysterio pulled off a trick from former WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero’s book and won the match for his team due to a disqualification leaving Finn Balor and Priest fuming. The Mysterio’s were busy in a backstage interview when they were brutally attacked by the Judgement Day.  Speaking on Raw Talk about the attack on Mysterio’s Finn Balor said he didn’t like what Rey did during the match and hence decided to teach them a lesson :

“It’s very simple. They wanna pull that fancy stuff in the ring with us? That’s not gonna fly. That’s why we attacked them afterwards backstage and that will continue to happen week in and week out till they learn their lesson that they don’t mess with The Judgment day.”    

Finn Balor has certainly made his intentions clear and it will be interesting to see how this turns out. A vignette was played at MITB which led many to speculate that it was for Bray Wyatt, but it was later revealed that it was for the return of Edge. It will be interesting to see how WWE will book and Finn Balor.

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