FOX secretly hints at not negotiating a new deal with WWE

WWE might sign a new TV deal for SmackDown, as FOX does not seem interested in negotiating a new deal.

FOX secretly hints at not negotiating a new deal with WWE

WWE on FOX (via WWE)

SmackDown came to the FOX network in 2019 when WWE signed a billion-dollar deal with the broadcasting company. It is said to be a five-year deal and is scheduled to end in 2024. However, it looks like FOX does not have plans for WWE in the fall season of 2024. FOX recently released a press conference about the 2024 TV lineup, but there were no mentions of WWE.


This could mean that FOX does not plan on extending the contract that they have had with the Stamford-based promotion. WWE has provided the network with decent viewership over the period. Moreover, the last few months saw a hike in viewership under Triple H’s regime. But this does not look sufficient for the network executives as they were not satisfied with the product’s performance.

According to Ringside News, FOX released a press conference where they discussed the upcoming TV shows in 2024. They released six new series, the second seasons of five shows, and much more. But there were no traces of WWE, leaving fans speculating about the WWE’s status with the network.

The major reason for FOX not including WWE in the new lineup might be the sale of WWE. The new parent company, Endeavor, might have different plans for the company regarding its TV deal. It was also noted that WWE can also consider going to other networks like NBC if the deal does not work out with FOX.


As far as the company’s content department is concerned, the networks will not affect them. The person in charge of the content will remain the same even if WWE changes networks. Therefore, fans need not worry about the storylines changing if WWE moves away from FOX. There might be some minor tweaks, but nothing that will shift the existing characters in new directions.

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Details on the existing deal between WWE and FOX

wwe on fox sports
WWE on FOX Sports (via Twitter)

SmackDown moved to Friday nights in 2018 when WWE signed a deal with the FOX network. According to the deal, the agreement commenced on October 4, 2019, and will provide a two-hour slot for WWE programming. The deal is worth $205 million per year, and $1.025 billion over the life of the pact. The executives of both companies came to a mutual agreement.

Eric Shanks, president and COO at Fox Sports, said, “At Fox, we are thrilled to welcome WWE to the Fox Sports family and bring SmackDown Live to broadcast television.” He said that both companies together would provide quality product and FOX Sports would be the leader in live events. Vince McMahon, the former WWE CEO, said that WWE and FOX are a perfect match and would change the landscape.


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