“Damn she built different”- WWE Universe goes bonkers as 26-year-old female star Bodyslams 330-pound Otis on live TV

WWE Universe witnessed the unbelievable as WWE NXT Superstar Lash Legend bodyslammed the 330-pound superstar Otis.

“Damn she built different”- WWE Universe goes bonkers as 26-year-old female star Bodyslams 330-pound Otis on live TV

Otis (Image via: X)

WWE NXT saw the Alpha Academy square up against Meta-Four in a 6-man Tag Team match. The match had several exciting spots. However, what caught everyone’s attention was the spot where Lash Legend body-slammed the 330-pound Otis!


The video shows that Otis was stunned and rebounded from the ropes towards Legend. Without a doubt, she took the opportunity to pick up the Tree Trunk. This caused a massive wave of excitement among the fans, who were shouting on top of their voices.

That wasn’t all, as Otis was dumped back-first on the wrestling mat. The impact was so profound that even Legend bounced off. This has become an iconic moment of Legend’s career, where she cemented herself as a powerhouse in the women’s division. Fans as well as WWE Legend Booker T looked astounded. 

The match, packed with a lot of moments, exuded creative genius. Maxxine Dupri showed her growing in-ring skills as she dove from the top rope and even gave some exhilarating moves like the top rope hurricanrana.


Alpha Academy was able to pick up a decisive win against Meta-Four as Chad Gable gave a tight ankle lock to Noam Dar, making him submit.

WWE Universe reacts to the Unbelievable strength of Lash Legend

Lash Legend gave the NXT crowd an exhilarating moment as she body-slammed a 330-pound Otis. This achievement coming from a female superstar speaks a lot about her in-ring prowess, as several male superstars hesitate to go against the Prized Pupil of Chad Gable.

This understanding was affirmed by WWE Universe as they reacted to ‘X’ to show their support for the female superstar.

Lash Legend
Lash Legend (via WWE)

Sharing a wide spectrum of reactions online, here’s what fans have to say:


While some fans were awestruck by her strength, others were feeling sad for poor Otis, who received a bodyslam in return for his rizz. One fan compared her with Jade Cargill and displayed trust in her abilities. 

Lash is herself rising through the ranks as she teams up with Jakara Jackson and even in a solo showdown. Her mic skills have significantly improved ever since she tagged along with the Meta-Four. It would be interesting to see what creative has in store for her in WWE.

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