WATCH: 26-year-old female WWE star disgusted after Otis catches her in his arms

WWE Superstar Otis teases the fans as he gets involved in another romantic angle on NXT.

WATCH: 26-year-old female WWE star disgusted after Otis catches her in his arms

Otis and Mysterious Female Star (via Sportster)

WWE loves to bring a little romance into their storylines. As such, WWE Superstar Otis was recently spotted in a segment on NXT. Maxxine Dupri slapped Lash Legend who was fainting and was caught by Otis. She was first relieved and then acted in disgust seeing Otis, who was shaking with excitement.

It seems WWE NXT intends to tease a romantic angle between Lash Legend and Otis. It followed a dramatic battle between Noam Dar and Chad Gable for the NXT Heritage Cup Championship. Dar had the Meta Four in his corner, while Master Gable had the entire Alpha Academy supporting him. In a six-round contest, Dar was able to retain the championship as Chad couldn’t give a tiebreaker within the allotted time, despite making him tap.


For those who don’t know, Otis has a history of being a ladies’ man in WWE. The former multiple-time Tag Team Champion has made a lot of fans jealous as he shared some cozy time with beauties like Mandy Rose, Maxxine Dupri, and now, probably, Lash Legend.

Lash Legend is finally showing her dominant side. She is not only a prominent member of Meta Four but is also picking up wins for the group. She has successfully qualified for the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge set to take place on NXT Deadline. Fans are excited to see what WWE has in store for her.

Vince Russo calls Otis the biggest wasted talent on the Raw Roster

WWE Fans love the bright and funny side that Otis brings to their screen whenever Alpha Academy arrives. He is immensely talented both inside as well as outside the ring. However, Vince Russo feels that he is one of the biggest wasted talents on Raw.


In the Legion of Raw Podcast with Dr. Chris Featherstone, he spoke about how the WWE creative team is not capitalizing on his talents and even compared him to the legendary Ivan Putski.

Bro, if anybody remembers Ivan Putski from back in the day, Otis could have been the modern-day Ivan Putski and you could even put him with her [Maxxine Dupri], her with him, and just kept it the two of them. I think Otis may be the biggest wasted talent on the entire roster because nobody looks like that bro.
Vince Russo on Legion of Raw Podcast
Otis (via WWE)

It seems Vince Russo is marveled by the size of Otis. He believes pairing with Maxxine could make him look like a massive attraction. Despite it happening, they are still not paying sufficient attention to them. It would be interesting if any of these criticisms would work in the favor of the Prized Pupil of Chad Gable.

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