Goldberg gets called out again for his unsafe wrestling style by WWE Hall of Famer in fierce rant

Goldberg has a well known reputation among wrestling enthusiasts as a bit of a basher inside the WWE ring.

Goldberg gets called out again for his unsafe wrestling style by WWE Hall of Famer in fierce rant

Goldberg (via Wrestlezone)

The Hitman Bret Hart is one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. The Pink and Black Attack led the New Generation Era and conquered the wrestling world with his top-notch technical wrestling. Now that Bret has retired, he observes the current product and advises on the faults in it. Hart has shared his thoughts on the current Goldberg-inspired wrestling, which is wrong for the business.


While speaking with Fox Sports Australia, The Hitman stated that the legit hurting parts are not the way pro wrestling should be. The chops resulting in blisters on one’s chest and every move that damages one’s body in real life are not healthy for the business. Bret firmly feels that the wrestlers are not supposed to suffer in the squared circle and come back to their rooms with the hurt that lasts.

Bret cited that one should not return to bed with a big lump on their head or a black eye. With all his remarks about modern wrestling, he even mentioned that this type is meant for Bill Goldberg. He concluded by saying that it is Goldberg wrestling and should not be done in today’s wrestling business. In a way to condemn the wrestling of recent times, The Hearthrob roasted the 57-year-old legend due to his personal disdain.

You’re not supposed to come back to your dressing room that night, or to your hotel room and have a big lump on your head and a black eye and your teeth are knocked out. That’s Bill Goldberg wrestling. That’s not how it’s done.
Bret Hart about the fault in modern pro wrestling and Goldberg

Bret’s major appearance outside WWE happened when he showed up at AEW‘s Double or Nothing on May 25, 2019, to unveil the AEW World Championship. Hart’s last appearance on WWE came back in September 2022, attending Clash at the Castle in Cardiff. Ever since he has been away from wrestling appearances.


Bret Hart lauds Rhea Ripley for her character work

The Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley has been the center of attention for the entire women’s roster. The aura she carries with her persona and the dominance she shows in the ring bestows praise on her. One such appreciation has come from Bret Hart, who likes the way Ripley is being presented.

Bret Hart and Rhea Ripley
Bret Hart and Rhea Ripley (via WWE)

During the aforementioned talks with Fox Sports Australia, Hart mentioned liking The Eradicator’s poise. Rhea is living her character rather than just staying in it, making her feel lively. Bret added that the Women’s Champion has adapted a character that she is having fun with, making it authentic.

She’s putting that realism into it; that’s what I miss in a lot of wrestling today, just making it feel more real, and she makes it feel pretty real all the time.
Bret Hart about Rhea Ripley

The Hitman concluded by saying that Ripley is adding realism to her character, a factor that is missing in today’s wrestling. The Australian superstar will be completing one year of her dominant reign at WrestleMania 40. Her opponent for the bout is rumored to be Becky Lynch, yet another top star on Raw.

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