Gunther proclaims 43-year-old WWE Superstar one of the greatest sports entertainers the company has ever produced

While appearing on The Bump, Gunther heaps praise on The Miz ahead of their match at Survivor Series.

Gunther proclaims 43-year-old WWE Superstar one of the greatest sports entertainers the company has ever produced

Gunther (via X)

The Bump is one of the most popular talk shows on WWE. Many superstars have shown up so far and have spoken their hearts out, as well as what’s going on around them. In one of its recent episodes, Gunther and his stablemate, Ludwig Kaiser, were the guests. During his elocution, he called The Miz one of the greatest sports entertainers that this company has ever produced.

The Ring General showed up in his usual confident fashion with Ludwig Kaiser by his side. Keeping his kayfabe, he immediately disciplined the atmosphere. Also, he antagonized the show hosts by telling them that they weren’t so important that he would even consider getting offended by their actions.


Gunther was then asked to comment on the Fatal 4-Way match that took place this week on Monday Night Raw to determine his new challenger. He spoke at length about The Miz, who won the match and earned a shot at the Intercontinental Championship.

He was very impressive. He has certain one-of-a-kind capabilities... I'm very intrigued about the match because he is one of the greatest that this Company produced. One of the greatest sports entertainers that this Company has ever produced.
Gunther on The Miz

He finished his statement by saying that, at the end of the day, it’s him that the A-Lister would be facing. The Ring General also stated that it’s high time Miz realized it’s time to make space for others. It would be interesting to see how their upcoming match would turn out at Survivor Series 2023.

Gunther is an upholder of an unmatched standard

WWE Universe saw Imperium members Gunther, and Ludwig Kaiser appear on a recent episode of The Bump. The Ring General was asked about his opinion regarding the Fatal 4-way match that was held to select his upcoming challenger for WWE Survivor Series 2023. Gunther sounded impressed with the efforts that all four wrestlers had shown.

Imperium (via BodySlam)

He had special praise for the former 2x Grand Slam Champion, the Miz. Later, they were asked to elaborate on the statement that they gave about the unmatched standards that they’ve set. Ludwig Kaiser responded to it and made bold claims. He said that the Imperium restores the prestige of the sport and has been providing top-notch performances:

I think we've proven that for the last two years. We provide the WWE Universe with the best performance of the night. We also restore the honor of the sports because that was desperately needed for a long, long time.
Ludwig Kaiser on Imperium’s dominance

Additionally, on behalf of the Ring General, Ludwig was seen dismissive of the superstars with whom they’ve recently feuded, like Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa, etc. It seems the Imperium is on a run to silence all their doubters and decimate all their opponents. It would be interesting to see how the upcoming weeks unfold for them.

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