WWE Hall of Famer expresses interest in returning to Triple H’s new era in the company

WWE Hall of Famer expresses interest in returning to Triple H’s new era in the company

Triple H (Image Credit: Wrestling World)

Triple H has been doing fantastic work since taking over the whole WWE product. He has done a lot of work on the present product and has provided several nice matches thus far. There have been huge rivalries, returns, and also a lot of other stunning items which shattered the internet too.


The WWE PLE Royal Rumble will take place next month, and this battle has always been renowned for many legends and superstars making a comeback since it is so significant. Next year the same has been expected from WWE but a little more than normal.

There are some rumors that additional WWE Hall of Famers may return, and as a result of these rumors, a WWE Hall of Famer has shown an interest in returning. Bushwhacker Luke, who is now 75 years old, is still wrestling and has stated that he would want to wrestle even more.

He recently had an interview with the Cheap Heat Production podcast where he revealed his interest in returning to WWE. He said that he wants to return to the company at Royal Rumble. Luke said, “I sure would, mate, and in January I’m 76! I’d love to do that.”


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Triple H maybe making WrestleMania much bigger

Triple H
Bushwhacker Luke (Image Credit: MN2S)

There are numerous speculations circulating about the WWE product for next year, as it appears that 2023 will be a very huge year for WWE. There have been several speculations circulating as significant WWE returns are expected in the coming month.

WWE may have some amazing fights and rivalries next year, as Triple H has decided to make this WrestleMania one of the biggest, grandest stages in the history of the pro wrestling industry. The Rock, Cody Rhodes, and Charlotte Flair are just a few of the huge stars who are anticipated to not only return to WWE but also have a big match at WrestleMania.

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Triple H hasn’t mentioned anything about the event yet, but fans have been waiting for him to divulge what his intentions are, since there has been a lot of hype surrounding the occasion. WWE may go all out, but what they will do has yet to be confirmed by them or a reputable source.

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