Massive update on John Cena’s return to the ring

Dave Meltzer provided a huge update on when the Former WWE Champion John Cena will return to in ring action

John Cena
John Cena

John Cena who is often regarded as the face of WWE for the better part of last 20 odd years is a 16 time WWE Champion. John Cena has had a career which can grant him a status of a legend even if decides to retire at this moment. John Cena has single handily made WWE a global product such is the stardom of      John Cena. John Cena became a fan favourite very early in his career when he adapted the ‘Doctor of Thuganomics’ gimmick which saw John Cena dress up as a rapper and would diss his opponents before the match and would go on to win the match as well. The gimmick is iconic as it earned John Cena his first WWE Championship.

Cena transformed from a trash talking youngster to the leader of the Cenation who preached Hustle, Loyalty and Respect to his fans which earned him a fan base like no other superstar in WWE has never a compassed. John Cena during his 20 years with the company managed to win every possible championship in the company and also was the Royal Rumble winner and has also headlined wrestlemania a countless number of times.

John Cena has recently been seen in the DC Comics Suicide Squad playing the role of Peacemaker and also got a spinoff show for the same character. With John Cena having various acting related commitments he managed to returned to WWE to celebrate his 20 years with the company on the most recent taping of Raw. The whole episode of the weekly show was a dedicated to Cena as the superstar was seen interacting to talent backstage and also a tribute video was played to congratulate the Champ.

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John Cena made his return to WWE to celebrate his 20th Anniversary on Raw

John Cena
Former WWE Champion John Cena

Cena in one segment was seen interacting with Theory with whom the 16 time WWE Champion had been going back and forth on social media for several weeks. It all started with Theory wishing Cena on his birthday with a cheeky tweet and got a response from Cena as well. Since then it has been rumoured that a match between the United States Champion Theory and Cena is bound to happen. It was rumoured to take place at Summerslam but now seems to have been delayed according to Dave Meltzer. Meltzer reported that the match had been postponed till Wrestlemania 39 :

“However, Cena is not announced for any future TV dates and given how many tickets he moved in Laredo, if he was announced for a show, he’d move more tickets right now than anyone except Dwayne Johnson. So it makes no sense not to advertise him. But they wouldn’t do such a match without more of an angle. So the match, which is clearly a direction, may also be delayed for WrestleMania,” stated Meltzer

Theory and John Cena would be match to look out for as the two superstars have a similar attitude and Theory is often called as the young Cena. Vince McMahon has handpicked the current United States Champion to be the face of the company. John Cena is not advertised to appear at any event in the near future. Theory on the other hand will have his plate full with Lashley set to challenge Theory for the US title.

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