“Definitely influenced myself”- Israel Adesanya credits WWE Superstars for having an impact on his fighting career

UFC Middle weight Champion Israel Adesanya says that WWE Superstars have influenced his career as a fighter

WWE Superstars and Israel Adesanya
WWE Attitude Era Superstars and Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya is one of the best UFC fighters of his generation. Adesanya’s Striking ability is thought to be one of the finest in mixed martial arts. If we Consider statistics, Israel Adesanya isn’t ahead of Anderson Silva but he is surely close to him. Adesanya has dominated the middle weight division in UFC and is the current UFC Middle weight Champion.

Israel Adesanya is a professional MMA fighter, kickboxer, and former boxer who has won multiple championships in each of these sports. Adesanya has second longest winning streak in the history of UFC, with 16 successive wins for him. Israel Adesanya has been the winner of MMA World award in 2018 for Breakthrough Fighter of the Year and again won it for 2021 International Fighter of the year.

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Israel Adesanya is scheduled to fight on 2nd July

Israel Adesanya
Israel Adesanya in UFC

Adesanya took the inspiration from the movie Ong Bak and decided to become a Mixed Martial Artist. Israel Adesanya made his debut for UFC in 2017 and fought his first fight against Rob Wilkinson, which he won. Within two years he became the UFC Middle weight Champion. He became the Middle weight Champion for the first time when he defeated Kevin Gastelum in 2019 at UFC 236.

Recently, during an interview with BT Sport Adesanya revealed that he used to watch SmackDown on Sundays and RAW on Mondays. He said that the in-ring performances of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Booker T, Shaun Michaels and many others have influenced him very much in his career as a fighter.

“Watching hours, Sunday night Smackdown, Monday Night Raw. Seeing the the way guys like The Rock, Stone Cold [Steve Austin], Booker T, Shaun Michaels, countless names. The way they just handle themselves as performers definitely influenced myself…”

He continued, that being able to own your place in the industry and solely focusing on entertaining people is something that he has learnt from watching WWE. He cited that the attitude era has had an impact on his ongoing career.

“Being able to claim your space and just be an entertainer, own the stage, own the mic, own the moment. That’s something I learnt along the way. Definitely the Attitude Era helped my claim my own time.”

The UFC Middleweight Championship title will be on the line when Israel Adesanya will face Jared Cannonier for the  UFC Middleweight Championship on July 2, 2022, at UFC 276.

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