Mainstream Media has a field day mocking WWE fans after Vince McMahon made an appearance on Smackdown

Former WWE Chairman VInce McMahon's Smackdown appearance leads to the WWE fans being mocked by main stream media

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon recently stepped down as the Chairman and CEO of WWE

Vince McMahon recently voluntarily stepped from the position of Chairman and CEO of WWE after 40 years at the helm. Vince McMahon is often considered as the pioneer in the wrestling business as the former chairman played a major role in making pro wrestling known throughout the world. Vince McMahon is the architect of Wrestlemania a spectacle we still enjoy after 38 years since it came into existence. Vince McMahon almost on hi own has changed the wrestling business for good and has made pro wrestling profitable.

Vince McMahon recently found himself in hot water after an investigation was carried out against the former chairman of WWE. It is being alleged that McMahon was involved in hush money s*x scandal with a former female employee of the company. A settlement of $3 millions was alleged to be done by the former chairman of the company. McMahon in the wake of the incident decided to step down from the position and appointed his daughter Stephanie McMahon as the interim Chairwoman and CEO of WWE.

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Vince McMahon made his in ring comeback at Wrestlemania 38 against Pat McAfee

Vince McMahon
Mainstream Media has a field day mocking WWE fans after Vince McMahon made an appearance on Smackdown 2

The Former Chairman Vince McMahon after stepping down from the position decided to make himself available on the Smackdown tapings to address the WWE fans and the superstars as well. The whole thing was taken in a very bad taste by the main stream media some even labelling it as shameful. Vince McMahon again appeared on Monday on the Raw tapings to announce the return of John Cena.

The whole show by Vince McMahon was criticized by major media outlets and specially took digs at WWE fans. WWE Fans were seen noticeably happy with the appearance of the former chairman despite the controversy. The main stream media was seen openly mocking WWE fans as videos of fans cheering for Vince McMahon were circulated all over social media.

Dave Meltzer made a note of the event in Wrestling Observer Newsletter, saying:

“The story got a lot of mainstream publicity for a day by leading outlets, which no doubt led to huge ratings increases for Smackdown, Raw and NXT (even though taped) this week. A number of mainstream outlets mocked wrestling fans for their cheering reaction to McMahon. While things have changed greatly, this did bring up memories from 1975 when Bobby Shane, a top heel in Florida, was killed in a plane crash, and it was announced the next day at a show in Jacksonville that Shane had died and the crowd cheered.”

Vince McMahon’s controversial appearance did lead to huge ratings for the WWE but it sure portrayed the WWE fans in a very bad light.

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