Jey Uso shares intimate picture with Rhea Ripley after weeks of flirting

Rhea Ripley and Jey Uso can be seen getting intimate in a recent picture shared by Jey Uso on his Instagram.

Jey Uso shares intimate picture with Rhea Ripley after weeks of flirting

Jey Uso shared an intimate picture of himself and Rhea Ripley (via Instagram/X)

Former Bloodline member Jey Uso has been a hot topic on Monday Night Raw lately. Following his arrival on the red brand, he is in turmoil with Judgment Day. The latter had been convincing him to join the heel faction. The 38-year-old recently posted a picture of himself hugging Rhea Ripley, which has created a great buzz among the fans.


Main Event Jey posted a story on Instagram, which was a collage of two pictures. In one of the pictures, Rhea Ripley intimately hugged Dominik Mysterio. The other one is an edited image of Ripley embracing Jey, with her head resting on the latter’s chest. The former Bloodline member seemingly trolled the heel faction after they attacked him on RAW this week.

In an episode of Monday Night Raw, Cody Rhodes told Dominik Mysterio that Rhea Ripley is more interested in Jey Uso. As a result, it left the Latino Heat in an ocean of obscurity. Cody’s comments stemmed from the fact that Finn Balor told Jey Uso that Mami wants him in the faction.

The Eradicator has reportedly been courting Jey Uso for over a week, eventually recruiting him into The Judgment Day. In response, Jey indirectly trolled Dominik, generating significant buzz among fans. His witty retort is adding fuel to the intense feud between him and The Judgment Day.

Instagram story shared by Jey Uso
Instagram story shared by Jey Uso (via Instagram)

Jey Uso has been impressively booked since joining RAW, despite making enemies due to his past ties with The Bloodline. Despite initially aligning with Judgment Day upon his arrival on the red brand, the 38-year-old made a powerful statement on last week’s RAW.

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Jey Uso will be a great addition to The Judgment Day according to Rhea Ripley

Jey Uso has been a top attraction on the RAW roster since his arrival. In a recent interview, Rhea Ripley talked about his addition to The Judgment Day. The Eradicator revealed that she has interest in the former Bloodline member joining the faction ever since his addition to Monday Night Raw.

Rhea Ripley and Jey Uso
Rhea Ripley and Jey Uso (via WrestleTalk/X)

The Women’s World Champion was recently involved in an interview with WrestleBinge, where she revealed her thoughts on Jey Uso. She said, “Jey Uso has definitely proved that he’s a team player, and I think he would be a great addition to to Judgment Day if he wanted to.”


Moreover, Ripley also revealed that if Jey wouldn’t join the faction, then the group would have to go through him. She said, “If he doesn’t, we’ll just have to go through him.” It will be interesting to see the response of The Judgment Day next week on Monday Night Raw as Jey declined their offer to join them.

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