John Cena publicly endorses 35-year-old superstar, who’s on the verge of shattering an all-time WWE record

The leader of Imperium was featured in John Cena's recent Instagram post, which left fans speculating.

John Cena publicly endorses 35-year-old superstar, who’s on the verge of shattering an all-time WWE record

John Cena has endorsed a top WWE Champion (via- Post Wrestling)

When John Cena personally endorses someone in the wrestling business, fans can definitely count on that. Nowadays, the wrestler-turned-actor doesn’t get enough time to make continued WWE appearances. However, whenever he buys some, Cena tries to be there in person. Most recently, he pulled up to London for a surprise visit at Money in the Bank. The Cenation Leader recently posted an ambiguous picture on his Instagram handle.

The Franchise Player often uses his Instagram account to voice his adulation for several WWE Superstars, among others. Hours ago, John Cena posted an image of the reigning Intercontinental Champion, Gunther. And since then, fans on the internet have gone bananas. While some are trying to smell a potential tease of Cena’s next WWE move, others feel like it’s just a way for John to put younger talent over.


Gunther, who is set to become the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time, is a more than deserving nomination for Cena’s Instagram collection. Soon, he’ll surpass the legendary Honky Tonk Man to embark on a whole new journey—a journey for others to follow. The Ring General will be a WWE main event player for years to come, and John Cena’s apparently cognizant of the fact.

Just maybe one day the Peacemaker Star will see Gunther face-to-face in a WWE ring. The Cenation Leader has completely transitioned into a top-get for Hollywood. With his projects on an exponential rise, it’s unlikely that Cena would ever return to WWE as a full-timer. That said, he doesn’t have a bunch of matches left in him. If he gets to wrestle Gunther in any one of them before retiring, it would be a sight to behold for the fans. 

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Gunther has a looming threat to his Intercontinental Title reign

Chad Gable and Gunther
Chad Gable applying the Ankle Lock on Gunther (via- WWE)

This Monday on RAW in Quebec, Gunther will defend his gold against Chad Gable. Last week, The Ring General ran through Gable’s number one guy, Otis. That said, the 37-year-old now has a point to prove. Despite being immensely talented, Chad Gable has been overlooked for the majority of his career on the main roster.

On the other hand, the Imperium leader is just a few days away from hitting the all-time WWE record. He’d leave no stone unturned to get there and create his own legacy with the Working Man’s title. It will be interesting to see whether WWE goes with an unsatisfactory ending to their upcoming showdown. With WWE Payback on the horizon, the higher-ups could run this one back in Pittsburgh to give ample time to this match.

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