BREAKING : John Cena teases Seth Rollins as his opponent hours before his return after the Visionary completes 10 years since his NXT debut

John Cena returns to WWE Raw tonight, posts Seth Rollins on his official Instagram handle possible teasing something huge

John Cena teases Seth Rollins as next
John Cena and has posted Rollins' image on his Instagram possibly dropping some teases
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The legendary 16-time World Champion John Cena will make his long-awaited return to WWE tonight on Monday Night Raw. This will mark Cena’s 20th year anniversary with WWE and what could possibly be the most memorable one by far means. John stayed away from the company since September 10th edition of Friday Night Smackdown held at Madison Square Garden where he appeared after the show went off-air.

It is being reported that Cena is not just coming back for one night only instead he’s sticking around for a huge Summerslam match with his currently rumoured opponent to be the current United States Champion Theory. Dave Meltzer on his Wrestling Observer Radio also confirmed the same plan about Cena’s WWE return and said that the heavy promotion for this match won’t start until after July 2nd , which is the date of Money in the Bank premium-live- event.

But it looks like John Cena have other plans in mind regarding his next target in WWE following his return. Few hours ago, Cena just posted a photo of Seth “Freakin” Rollins with no caption attached to it which is a feature of Cena’s official Instagram handle. Just by going through the post one can definitely imagine that Rollins could be the next possible opponent for Cena once the Cenation leader makes his return to Raw tonight.

As we mentioned above that this “may” happen which means there isn’t stoned guarantee about this. One possible reason for why Cena randomly put Rollins on his Instagram is because The Visionary has completed his 10 years of his career since his NXT debut. So it could just be Cena acknowledging Seth Rollins for this landmark in his WWE journey.

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John Cena and Seth Rollins share rich history with each other

John Cena teases Seth Rollins as next
Rollins after defeating John Cena at Summerslam 2015

If Rollins do ends up being John Cena’s next opponent, it will definitely not for the first time that these superstars will come face to face with each other. Back in 2015, both men were involved in a highly octane rivalry over the United States Championship. At Summerslam 2015, the WWE Champion Seth Rollins defeated the United States Champion John Cena in a Winner Takes All match to capture both the titles. During the Night of Champions event next month, Cena gained his US title back from Rollins. In the current scenario of 2022, how cool would it be to revisit this epic feud once again?

Seth Rollins is currently riding on the top of the mountains with his character ans Cena will be the biggest babyface on the entire roster once he returns. It would be really smart of WWE if they do end up booking a singles John Cena vs. Seth “Freakin” Rollins match at Summerslam this year. Also booking such a huge match will definitely push the ticket sales of the event scheduled for Nissan Stadium to a great extent.

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