John Cena spotted catching up with 37-year-old Superstar star, who is close to breaking his 16-time World Champion record 

John Cena was spotted catching up with the 14-time world champion on SmackDown.

John Cena spotted catching up with 37-year-old Superstar star, who is close to breaking his 16-time World Champion record 

John Cena and SmackDown female superstar (Image via:

John Cena is one of the returning superstars who has recently returned to the WWE. He returned earlier this month and has been actively wrestling with the company. Hinting this might be the last run for him before hanging up his boots, The Leader of Cenation is making his presence felt both in the ring and backstage. 

The current SAG-AFTRA strike has given plenty of time for the Hollywood star to focus on WWE. The 46-year-old is seen helping wrestlers get over and has been seen catching up with young and up-and-coming talent recently. He was recently spotted catching up with 14-time Women’s World Champion Charlotte Flair backstage on SmackDown. 


Charlotte Flair has, on numerous occasions, mentioned that she admires the Peacemaker star. Her recent tweet on X revealed her meeting up with the Greatest of All Time. She captioned the picture, “Hustle • Loyalty • Respect. 30x 😎@JohnCena💎”. The Queen also mentioned 30x in her tweet, highlighting the total number of championships these two have combined. Charlotte Flair is a second-generation superstar and a great talent in the ring. She has exceptional athleticism and unforgiving power. 

She constantly proves to the world that she is worthy of being the one to break the record of her father, Ric Flair, and John Cena for the most number of championship reigns. The current record for the most championship reigns is 16, and Charlotte falls just short by two reigns. Charlotte Flair is currently a part of Friday Night SmackDown, with her eyes set on the WWE Women’s Championship.

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John Cena set to face The Bloodline at Fastlane

For the past month, Cena has been feuding with the Bloodline on SmackDown. This started when Jimmy Uso abruptly interrupted Cena’s promo on his return to SmackDown. The two are going back and forth, with Solo Sikoa and AJ Styles in the mix. Last week’s SmackDown saw the 46-year-old, along with the Phenomenal One, issue a challenge to the Bloodline for a tag match.

Jimmy USo, Solo Sikoa and John Cena
Jimmy Uso, Solo Sikoa, and John Cena (Image via: X/@WrestleOps)

The match was announced for Fastlane, but later that night, things took a turn. AJ Styles was attacked by the Bloodline and has to be stretchered out on an ambulance. John Cena is now without a partner to face the Bloodline in Fastlane. LA Knight was supposed to team up with Cena for this match. But he is removed due to the Megastar’s COVID-19 complications. Fans are eager to see who will team up with the 16-time World Champion for his battle against The Bloodline. 

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