Three Superstars who can replace AJ Styles as John Cena’s tag team partner against The Bloodline at Fastlane

With AJ Styles injured, there are three superstars who can team up with John Cena to take on the Bloodline.

Three Superstars who can replace AJ Styles as John Cena’s tag team partner against The Bloodline at Fastlane

AJ Styles was supposed to team up with John Cena before he was attacked (via WWE)

Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa brutally attacked John Cena and AJ Styles this week on SmackDown. The attack was so devastating that Styles was immediately taken to the local medical facility in an ambulance. However, before the turmoil, Cena signed the contract and made the match official for Fastlane.


As of now, John Cena will face Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso at Fastlane, along with a tag team partner. The replacement of The Phenomenal One in the matchup is not revealed. However, three superstars can be a possible replacement for AJ Styles against The Bloodline members at Fastlane 2023.

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3. Jey Uso

Jey Uso is the only person in WWE who knows The Bloodline inside out. He was a former member of the faction himself. Moreover, he has some scores to settle with his twin brother as well, which would make perfect sense for him to be John Cena’s partner. The 38-year-old was sent to Monday Night Raw after he quit WWE last month.

Jey Uso
Jey Uso (via X)

Rumors speculate that Jey Uso will face Jimmy Uso next year at WrestleMania 40. The seeds of the mega match can be sown at Fastlane, which can eventually pave the way for the Uso brothers at the Showcase of The Immortals. Therefore, Main Event Jey could replace AJ Styles at Fastlane 2023.

2. Randy Orton

It’s been over a year since Randy Orton appeared on WWE TV. He was recently at the WWE Performance Center. The Viper was in good shape, according to those who saw him recently. With him being present at the Performance Center, it appears that he is preparing to get in shape for his much-anticipated return.

Randy Orton
Randy Orton (via X)

There are chances that he could return to Fastlane. The Bloodline saga is the hottest story currently going on in WWE. Therefore, there couldn’t be a better place for him to show up. Moreover, he shares a good amount of history with John Cena.

1. LA Knight

LA Knight was all set to appear this week on SmackDown before he pulled out due to COVID-19. However, The Megastar can return before Fastlane to take on the place of the Phenomenal One. There have been rumors that WWE is planning to put Knight and Cena in a tag team match against Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa.

LA Knight
LA Knight (via X)

According to rumors, WWE has plans for The Megastar to involve him in a feud with Roman Reigns. Therefore, teaming up with John Cena to take on The Bloodline members will be the first step in his potential feud with The Tribal Chief. LA Knight and Cena had good chemistry at Payback as well, and they could re-unite to take on Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa.

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