“Version was never supposed to wrestle”- WWE Superstar Kane discusses the idea behind his persona in the stable The Authority

"The Big Red Machine" Kane discusses the idea for his role in the villainous stable "The Authority."

Kane as a part of
Kane as a part of "The Authority" in WWE

Kane also known as Glenn Jacobs in real life has been one of the most popular wrestlers of all time in WWE. He was also one of the most intimidating characters in the WWE history, and was even more frightening when he took off that mask in 2003. The storylines in which Kane used to be involved were also entertaining and kept us intrigued. One of the finest character works in WWE is considered to be Kane’s representation of numerous personalities during his career, including the funny and calm dude in 2002 and the emotionally disturbed one throughout his career.

Kane‘s in ring ability has been quite impressive throughout his career, his diving clothesline from the top rope was super splendid for a man of his size. He has given us some of the best matches in the history of WWE such as Royal Rumble 2001; where he eliminated 11 participants, a record that was held for 13 years until roman reigns broke it in 2014. Kane’s rivalries and pairing with the undertaker were very fantastic. Other notable matches of him against Triple H, RVD, Shane McMahon and winning a four-team TLC match in 2002 to retain the tag-team titles with no partner were phenomenal. Kane is undoubtedly one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

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Kane was a part of the Villainous stable “The Authority” from 2013-2015

Kane as a part of  "The Authority" in WWE
Kane as a part of “The Authority” in WWE

“The big red Monster” made a comeback at the 2013 Hell in a Cell and attacked both The Wyatt Family and The Miz. The following day on Raw, he handed Stephanie McMahon his mask as a sign of loyalty. He further demonstrated his commitment to The Authority by assisting its members. As part of his character transformation, he emerged unmasked, dressed in a suit and tie to adhere to The Authority’s corporate philosophy, and was assigned the role of “Director of Operations.” Kane was referred to as “Corporate Kane” when dressed in a suit and tie.

“Corporate Kane” was fired from “The Authority” when the “Demonic Kane” lost the world heavyweight Championship match against Seth Rollins at Hell in the Cell 2015.

Kane also known as Glenn Jacobs appeared on “The Bam Show” and spoke about his character in the Authority. He said that the idea that the corporate Kane would never wrestle was that of Triple H and himself. He then said that Triple H is one of the best wrestling minds that he has come across in the industry. He would rate Triple H alongside Jim Cornette and Dutch Mantell in terms of great wrestling minds.

“The intention of that character was the corporate version was never supposed to wrestle,” Jacobs said. “This was something that Triple H and I came up with. Paul [Paul Levesque, HHH’s real name] is maybe the best wrestling mind I’ve ever met. People like Jim Ross and Jim Cornette and Dutch Mantell, I would put Triple H right up there as far as great booking and great wrestling minds.”

Glen Jacobs was included in the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2021 and is currently signed to WWE. He is the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee since 2018.

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