Bloodline member’s alleged girlfriend celebrates Bi VISIBILITY DAY with colorful photo drop

WWE backstage interviwer Kayla Braxton poses in a colorful coat and blue swimsuit to celebrate Bi-Visibility Day.

Bloodline member’s alleged girlfriend celebrates Bi VISIBILITY DAY with colorful photo drop

Kayla Braxton posts colorful photo to celebrate Bi-Visibility Day (via Bleacher Report)

Kayla Braxton is one of the best-known backstage personalities in the WWE. She gained more prominence over the past year for her hilarious interactions with The Bloodline member Paul Heyman. As a result, Roman Reigns ended up referring to Kayla Braxton as Heyman’s girlfriend. Recently, she celebrated Bi Visibility Day by posting a color photo on her X account.


The backstage interviewer wore a colorful coat and a blue swimsuit in the picture. Along with that, she captioned the post, “Happy #BiVisibilityDay.” Braxton came out as bisexual in 2021, where she received support from the WWE Universe and co-workers. Moreover, she never shys away from expressing her opinions online.

A few weeks earlier, Kayla Braxton called out a fan who insulted her for refusing to take a photograph. Her on-screen interviews are often one of the most enjoyable segments of the show. Currently, the 32-year-old works as a backstage interviewer and appears at premium live events.

Meanwhile, her alleged boyfriend, Paul Heyman, continues to deal with the turmoil within The Bloodline. In the recent episode of SmackDown, the Wise Man looked in disbelief after Jimmy Uso seemingly disobeyed Roman Reigns’ orders. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how the Tribal Chief reacts to his actions.


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Kayla Braxton berates fans for celebrating WWE superstar releases

WWE released around twenty superstars on September 21 following the WWE-UFC merger. In light of the heartbreaking news, a few fans online celebrated the departures. As a result, Kayla Braxton addressed the situation by noting a reply to the distasteful comments. The WWE backstage personality rebuked the obnoxious fans on her X account.

Kayla Braxton
Kayla Braxton(via Ringside News)

“Some of you are sad sacks of sh*t. For anyone to say that they’re glad certain people are losing their jobs, or for you to tweet that you hope one of us gets it next … I hope karma hits you harder than the most devastating wrestling move ever could. That’s so gross. Be better,” Braxton wrote. Evidently, she was disappointed with a select section of the WWE Universe.

It has definitely been a tough few weeks for employees with releases and changes due to the merger. Despite breaking numerous gate records, the Stamford-based promotion fired several wrestlers. Needless to say, fans are hoping that was the last of the mass releases.


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