“Is this a real question?”- Female WWE correspondent savagely responds on being asked whether she will marry Paul Heyman one day or not

Kayla Braxton has an epic response on being asked whether she will marry Paul Heyman or not.

Paul Heyman
Paul Heyman
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It’s not very often that fans enjoy any chemistry between two non-wrestling figures in any wrestling show then be it WWE or any other promotion. But, how can you not enjoy seeing Paul Heyman and Kayla Braxton being in a single frame on your television screens and giggle with anything their interaction brings on the table. It all started last year when Brock Lesnar made his WWE return at Summerslam and immediately targeted Roman Reigns.

The former advocate of The Beast found himself in the toughest dilemma of his life when both Roman and Lesnar surrounded him. The legendary manager played his part absolutely great in convincing all of us that he’s completely loyal towards The Tribal Chief despite being his old client being back and made his intentions clear that he won’t betray Roman Reigns high and dry. Although making these things clear on television there was someone who kept following Heyman every now and then to ensure that he doesn’t takes any step in the wrong direction.

This initiated a flurry of backstage interactions between Heyman and Braxton on various occasions that were truly theatre television to say the least. Paul Heyman couldn’t take a sigh of relief with Kayla all around him as she intercepted all of Heyman’s attempts to contact with Brock Lesnar on a phone call or something like that during those backstage segments. The WWE fans were heavily entertained seeing these two interact this way and some even termed it more entertaining than the repetitive nature of Roman vs. Lesnar feud.

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Kayla Braxton has a hilarious reply on being asked to marry Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman
Paul Heyman and Kayla Braxton during a backstage segment on WWE Smackdown

With the culmination of Roman and Lesnar rivalry, it is almost certain that we as WWE fans won’t be getting those gold interactions anytime soon. But the fans ain’t going to forget their unusually funny bonding as recently a Twitter user named Brandon asked Kayla Braxton whether she would marry Heyman one day to which she replied saying “Is this a real question, Brandon? Real question😂”