Kevin Owens takes cryptic shots at CM Punk over Best in the World claims, names 39-year-old Superstar as the best wrestler 

Kewin Owens took an ndirect shot at CM Punk when he said Sami Zayn is truly best in the world.

Kevin Owens takes cryptic shots at CM Punk over Best in the World claims, names 39-year-old Superstar as the best wrestler 

Kevin Owens and CM Punk (via WWE)

Kevin Owens is known for his low-tempered attitude in the ring, but outside he is one of the most friendly and kind people ever. But he has had some differences in the past with some superstars. One of them is CM Punk, who recently returned at Survivor Series. CM Punk, who is known for his Best in the World moniker, didn’t settle well with Kevin Owen. Instead, he named his best friend Sami Zayn the true holder of that honor.

Owens was interviewed by James Williams on his channel, and he was asked questions regarding his career and his most memorable moments. James asked him about his relationship with Sami Zayn, and he was all praise for his best friend. Owens said he brings out the best in him as an opponent and as a tag team partner. He even said many people call themselves the ‘best in the world’, but described Sami as one of the best he has worked with.


Owens further added that Sami has everything: he is athletic in the ring, always passionate, and fans always cheer for him. They both have shared many amazing moments in the ring, like main eventing WrestleMania together and going against each other. Owens also said he has influenced me a lot in his career and will always be a constant when he retires and looks back at his career.

"Sami brings out the best in me as an opponent and as a partner. I always roll my eyes when I hear people say I'm the best in the world, Sami Zayn is probably the best I've ever been in the ring with. He's very Athletic, from a performance standpoint, and the passion he brings and the connection he has with the audience, very few people have it all as he does."
-Kevin Ownes on Sami Zayn

Although it did look like Owens was talking about his best friend Sami Zayn, many fans thought he took an indirect shot at CM Punk. As of now, The Prizefighter is on SmackDown, but fans can see these two superstars coming face-to-face in the near future.

Kevin Owens reacts on the return of Randy Orton at Survivor Series

Randy Orton returned to Survivor Series after a long time, and fans were so happy to see him back. Not only fans, but Kevin Owens was also happy to see him back and said the roster needs a veteran like him.

Randy Orton and Kevin Owens
Randy Orton and Kevin Owens (via X)

While talking with James Williams in the same interview, Owens praised Randy Orton and was happy for his return from injury after a long time. Owens further added that the locker room needs someone like Orton who can handle and guide young, upcoming wrestlers.

"I love Randy, so happy he's back and He's much needed. To me having him around the locker room is an absolute positive, besides the fact that he's a fantastic performer and a legend, there are some people just good to have around, he's good for morale, there are people now..."
-Kevin Owens on Randy Orton

Randy Orton is scheduled to feature on this week’s SmackDown. He had his first match on Raw in almost two years. It will be interesting to see whether Owens and Orton cross paths on the Blue Brand or not.

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