LA Knight reacts for the first time after he was announced for a tag team match with Randy Orton against The Bloodline on WWE SmackDown

LA Knight reacts to the declaration of him facing The Bloodline alongside Randy Orton on SmackDown.

LA Knight reacts for the first time after he was announced for a tag team match with Randy Orton against The Bloodline on WWE SmackDown

Randy Orton, the Bloodline and LA Knight (via WWE)

Randy Orton finally made his much-awaited return after being absent since May 2022. From his promo on Monday Night Raw and the physical altercation with the members of The Bloodline on SmackDown, it is certain that he is looking to take his revenge. Meanwhile, there is the Megastar, LA Knight, who is also looking to settle the score after his defeat at WWE Crown Jewel. With that being the case, both have been announced for a tag team showdown, and it seems the Megastar has reacted to it.

LA Knight took to ‘X’ and reacted to the poster uploaded by WWE. Fans can see Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso along with Paul Heyman. They’re up against the fam favorites, LA Knight and Randy Orton. It seems the poster caught the Megastar’s attention as he dropped a double-eye emoji.


This shouldn’t be surprising to the fans who keep weekly track of the blue brand. In the previous week, Knight came to aid Orton after he got embroiled in a 2-on-1 brawl against The Bloodline. The arrival of Knight was significant in allowing the Viper to turn the tide.

This would be the first time that fans would see LA Knight team up with The Legend Killer. Both superstars are veterans of professional wrestling. It would be interesting to see how The Bloodline is going to tackle this superiorly experienced duo on SmackDown.

LA Knight shares his thoughts about his Max Dupri Character

LA Knight is finally riding the waves of success. However, many observers would agree that it has come at the cost of ditching his previous managerial gimmick, Max Dupri. After his interview with the Metro, it seems even the Megastar resonates with this view.

Max Dupri
Max Dupri (via WWE)
"Let's make that happen. Because I don't know who or what the hell Max Dupri is. Could I have made it work? I'm sure I could have. Now, would it have ever been anything like we're doing right now? No. Because at the end of the day, that wasn't me. It wasn't for me."
LA Knight via Metro

It seems the Megastar has faith in his capabilities to carry any character. However, he doubts that it wouldn’t have been as over as he is at the moment. In a way, he found the gimmick a failure. All in all, the Main Roster finally received the Megastar after Triple H took over the WWE Creative and shook things up for good.

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