“She was a good heel” Former WWE personnel discusses how Lacey Evans’ comeback to the company was a total FAILURE

The Sassy Southern Bell Lacey Evans had one of the worst returns possible without any planning or any character and storyline.

Lacey Evans
Lacey Evans during Money in The Bank

Lacey Evans was one of the top heels when she made her debut in WWE. After that, she had a lot of feuds but was unable to capture the top prize of Raw or Smackdown and did not even was in the main event scene much. Although her first feud was with Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship after that she fell down the card and did not climb the ladder.

Lacey Evans then went on a hiatus where she was not coming on either of the brands at the start of July and she was describing her nationalism and respect for soldiers and showing her respect towards the United States of America. Lacey Evans’s promo videos were getting a lot of cheers and she was treated with respect in each fan’s eyes.

However, when she made her return to the company it turned bizarre as she did not make her return as Babyface instead she made her return as a Heel which made everyone confused about where the hell her character is going. There was no direction to her character and she was confuse that what she is even doing on the main roster without a proper character

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WWE did not have plans for Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans
Lacey Evans after return

Lacey Evans revealed that WWE was never clear about her return first they wanted her as a babyface but then they turned her into a heel as there were too many babyfaces. Lacey Evans even told everyone that WWE had not decided even a single storyline for her and did not even think about what she will do and in which card she will perform.

Cornette from WWE recently stated this regarding Lacey Evans, “She was a good heel, she had personality. She had a good heel demeanor. Haven’t seen much of her wrestling but it didn’t look like it was rotten as I recall. But how she got there to being a heel was the most ignorant way to build a heel I’ve ever seen.”

After her one or two appearances, she even cleared that one time WWE was even confused that she will even have a battle with anyone and was even confused that she should continue her character or just change it again into something and turn into either a generic heel or turn into a generic babyface who is going to take a chance on either of the Women’s title and maybe even winning it. But for now, WWE has ruined her return properly.

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