Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag is scared after meeting 7’3 feet WWE Superstar Omos, says “don’t want to fight you”

Omos along with his manager MVP met Manchester United's manager Erik Ten Hag after the team's victory against Arsenal at MetLife Stadium.

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag is scared after meeting 7’3 feet WWE Superstar Omos, says “don’t want to fight you”

Omos and Erik Ten Hag (via Republic World)

Omos has been a menace to his opponents in WWE. Looking at his towering height of 7’3 feet, he feels like a monster that nobody would hope to get against. Such a similar incident happened when Manchester United’s manager Erik Ten Hag met The Nigerian Giant at the pre-season tour in the US. He encountered the Nigerian Giant and hilariously stated his wish to not fight him.


Their meeting came backstage at MetLife Stadium, where The Red Devils’ match was scheduled. Omos ran into Eric Ten Hag and shook hands with him in a respectful gesture. As soon as they shook hands, Erik stated, “I don’t want to fight with you,” and both ended up laughing. The WWE superstar denied the possibility of him hurting Ten Hag while stating his privilege to have met him.

Their meet and greet session was followed by MVP’s appearance, who introduced himself to Erik Ten Hag as Omos’ manager. MVP added, “Your job is way more complicated than mine” and this time three of the men ended up laughing, with Erik enjoying the WWE stars’ company. The epic meetup between WWE stars and The Red Devils’ legend came as the latter secured a win against Arsenal in their pre-season games in the US over the last days of July.

Manchester United has their club-friendly matches lined up for the next few days around different cities in the US. Their scheduled matchup is happening against Wrexham at the Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego, California, on July 25. On the other hand, Omos is on hiatus due to his wedding. His last match came against Seth Rollins at Backlash 2023, and he has been performing at WWE’s live events.


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Bobby Lashley prepared Omos for his match against Brock Lesnar

Omos and Bobby Lashley
Omos and Bobby Lashley (via Sacnilk Combat)

WrestleMania 39 saw Omos clash with Brock Lesnar to kick off Night 2 of that event. Although The Nigerian Giant gave a tough fight to The Beast Incarnate, he incurred a loss at the hands of Lesnar in a shorter matchup. While he prepared for his bout against Brock, Omos credited a former rival for his wrestling lessons.

While speaking on the Daily Mail UK, Omos stated that he learned a lot from Bobby Lashley during his feud with him. The Nigerian Giant thanked Lashley for preparing him for his match against The Beast Incarnate. He said that The All Mighty imparted to him valuable training sessions ahead of his match.

Omos and Lashley faced each other at WrestleMania 38 on the second night of the event. But their feud continued even after the matchup, as MVP betrayed Lashley on the RAW after Mania and started managing Omos. Thus, at WrestleMania Backlash, Omos faced Bobby in a rematch and won the bout with MVP by his side.


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