Mandy Rose sheds light on one of her career-altering WWE moments while calling it a “positive reinforcement”

Former WWE superstar Mandy Rose weighs in on her being moved back to NXT in 2021.

Mandy Rose sheds light on one of her career-altering WWE moments while calling it a “positive reinforcement”

Mandy Rose (via USA Network)

Last December, WWE shockingly released Mandy Rose. Her release came as a bolt from the blue to the WWE Universe as the superstar had an excellent run with the NXT Women’s Championship. Having held it for over 400 days, Rose was an unstoppable force in NXT. Recently, she reflected on being sent back to NXT in 2021.


Speaking on the Power Alphas Podcast, Mandy Rose shared her thoughts on relegating to the developmental brand after spending nearly four years on the main roster. The 33-year-old described going back to NXT as a “positive reinforcement,” instead of viewing the move as a demotion. She explained that NXT provided her a chance to evolve and overhaul her character.

Rose said, “And I think there always needs to be change because we all evolve over time. I wasn’t very happy with what I was doing at that moment, so in my head, I looked at it as a positive reinforcement of like, this could be something really big and really new and innovative for me.” (H/T Wrestling Inc)

The former Women’s Champion revealed that she was not fond of the stereotypical “Golden Goddess” gimmick she was playing on the main roster. Hence, when the opportunity came to do something different and fresh, she swiftly took it up. After her return to NXT, Rose went on to ally with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne, known as the “Toxic Attraction.”


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Mandy Rose shares her honest thoughts on the recent talent releases in WWE

Less than a month ago, the Stamford-based promotion terminated the contracts of a string of WWE talents. This move, reinforced as part of post-merger budget cuts, saw the release of several significant names, devastating the WWE Universe. In a recent interview, another released superstar, Mandy Rose, reacted to the recent talent releases.

Mandy Rose
Mandy Rose (via Forbes)

Speaking in a TMZ interview via Haus of Wrestling, Mandy said, “I just always tell everyone, there’s so many opportunities out there, and I feel for the people that did get released because that’s not the phone call you want to hear, at the end of the day, but also, I have a lot of connections, and I’m always here, and I always tell them, you can call me because I got all the hookups. You want to go my route; it’s been amazing, and I can’t complain.”

Rose stated that the released superstars are free to give her a call whenever they feel like it if they plan on following in her footsteps. Furthermore, she stated that she has been doing exceptionally well in terms of health and finances since the WWE release. The former NXT Women’s Champion has found great success through third-party platforms such as OnlyFans. Recently released WWE superstar Dana Brooke also seems to be treading in Rose’s path.


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