WATCH: Former WWE Superstar Matt Riddle debuts in NJPW, challenges Japanese wrestling legend

Matt Riddle shocks the world as he identifies Hiroshi Tanahashi as his next target.

WATCH: Former WWE Superstar Matt Riddle debuts in NJPW, challenges Japanese wrestling legend

Matt Riddle during NJPW Vignette (via @NJPWGlobal/'X')

It seems the NJPW card for 2024 will be stacked with ex-WWE Superstars. To elaborate, Matt Riddle recently appeared on NJPW and issued a challenge to Hiroshi Tanahashi, the President, for the NJPW World TV Championship. It happened through a video promo during Friday’s New Year Dash Event.


Riddle surprised everyone with his vignette. As can be seen, Riddle first introduced himself as the King of Bros and stated how he had set his sights on Tanahashi. The video started with a tone of suspense as it showed a car stopping by along with clips of a wrestler sparring. It was after Riddle came to light that he began with this challenge.

In his message to the fans, he said:

Konnichiwa New Japan, lemme introduce myself. My name is Matthew Riddle, the King of Bros and I've got my sights on Tanahashi San, the Ace. I'll see you soon, Bro.
Matt Riddle to Hiroshi Tanahashi.

The former United States Champion was released from WWE on 22nd September 2023. He recently made his return at MLW’s Kings of Colosseum event. It seems Riddle has got his hand on another promotion and this time it’s outside the USA. It was after defeating Zack Sabre Jr. that Tanahashi added another title to his list of accolades.


Matt Riddle has no hard feelings for WWE

Matt Riddle will soon make his in-ring return as he’s scheduled to face Jacob Fatu at MLW’s Kings of Colosseum. It will be his first match since getting fired by WWE. Despite being a fan favorite, Riddle got released unceremoniously because of his controversial behavior at JFK Airport.

Matt Riddle
Matt Riddle (via WWE)

He was recently a part of Fox News Digital interview where he cleared his stance on WWE. To quote him:

I loved every second of it. I was a multiple-time tag-team champion with Randy [Orton], I was an NXT tag-team champion, I won the Dusty Cup Classic, I beat Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship, I wrestled multiple WrestleManias, Royal Rumbles.
Matt Riddle in his Interview

It seems the Original Bro is still grateful for the opportunities he received at the Stamford-based company. Additionally, he stated how he respects the policies with which they run the company. He added how they’re sensitive about the perceptions that their superstars create.

Since his release, Riddle has been working a lot on his tendencies. Fans not only saw him in a new avatar but can also expect big things from him in the future. Fans remember fondly for his time with Randy Orton and his rivalry against the likes of Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins. Time will tell how Riddle will be able to handle the bundle of opportunities he has received recently.


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