“That can’t be him” – Wrestling fans stunned as Matt Riddle looks unrecognizable in new look after WWE exit

Following his WWE departure, Matt Riddle is seen in a new hairstyle that left fans in a frenzy.

“That can’t be him” – Wrestling fans stunned as Matt Riddle looks unrecognizable in new look after WWE exit

Fans and Matt Riddle (via WWE)

WWE Superstars has a penchant for sporting iconic looks. Whether it’s the iconic ponytail of Shawn Michaels or the bald head of Randy Orton, fans are deeply invested in the looks they regularly see their favorite superstars in. Former WWE superstar Matt Riddle, known for his long hair, recently sported a new hairstyle.

Matt Riddle has seemingly shortened his hair, as was evident from his recent Instagram story. Fans can see spiked hair on top with a zig-zag pattern on the side of his head with a slight fade. Nonetheless, the picture doesn’t show the back of his head and has made several fans speculate about it.

Matt Riddle was released by WWE this year in September. He is currently under the 90-day non-compete clause, which is set to end on December 21. Riddle’s last premium live event appearance was at SummerSlam 2023. He was also a part of the Superstar Spectacle in India.

Matt Riddle is one of those superstars who mostly remained in controversies. The latest one was the JFK Airport incident, which added fuel to his already bad reputation. As a result, this prompted WWE to release him amidst his ongoing storyline in WWE.

Matt Riddle has recently teased a dream match for many fans on social media. He will seemingly make his return to professional wrestling soon to battle the high-flying legend Rob Van Dam at the Reunion 3, Cavalcade of Legends. Fans are eager to see the showdown on March 9, 2024 on Saturday.

WWE fans react to the latest look of Matt Riddle

The WWE Universe loves to keep a close eye on their favorite superstars. From keeping track of their upcoming live appearances to their personal lives, they want to see it all. Riddle recently posted his new look on social media, which has stirred the fans. They took to ‘X’ to express their thoughts about it.

Matt Riddle
Matt Riddle (via Wallpapercave)

Fans were quite shocked to see The Original Bro in a new look. Many went on to compare him with NXT superstar Stack Lorenzo and footballer Alejandro Garnacho. Others speculated there was an inherent message behind this step, like stress or a desire to revamp himself. While a fan hilariously expressed his desire to see a mullet at the back, others called it an elite haircut.


The former United States Champion is no longer with the company. It will be unlikely to see him and the returning Randy Orton team up again. Nevertheless, only time will tell if The Original Bro is going to make a triumphant return to WWE, or is going to be a long time away from the Stamford-based company.

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