Mick Foley remembers Vince McMahon’s response when he left WWE and joined TNA in 2008

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recalls Vince McMahon’s reaction to him joining TNA after leaving WWE in 2008

Mick Foley and Vince McMahon
Mick Foley and Vince McMahon

Mick Foley is one of the greatest wrestlers ever to have graced the Squared Circle. The Hardcore legend always gave his best in the matches and the results were quite fruitful, with some his bouts in the company regarded as greatest of all time in the history of WWE. Mick Foley always kept his body on the line for the business and to entertain the crowd, which also caused him a whole lot of injuries in his career. Foley announced his retirement in 2012, when doctors cleared him unfit for a match against Dean Ambrose at SummerSlam.

Mick Foley had retired on numerous occasions before, with once retiring in 1999 due to memory issues. He returned after that, and his most notable matches after that were against Randy Orton at Backlash 2004 and against Edge at WrestleMania 22, these matches are included in the list of greatest matches of all time and helped shape the careers of Edge and Randy Orton.

Foley’s final retirement was in 2012 and thereafter he hasn’t wrestled. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013 and worked as a RAW GM in 2016. Since 2018, he has been making Sporadic appearances for the company and is currently signed under the legends contract.

Mick Foley, recently revealed how Vince McMahon felt when he joined TNA in 2008. Mick Foley said that, before his departure from WWE in 2008 he told Vince McMahon that he considers him to be on the level of Presidents and that he is the most important person in his entire life, To Which Vince McMahon replied that he appreciates whatever Foley said and thereafter the two didn’t talk for another year and a half.

 “I went downstairs in the basement and I said, ‘Vince, I just want you to know you’re one of the most important men… most important people in my entire life’ and I always told him I consider him to be on the level of Presidents. Oh, I appreciate that Mick’ and then we didn’t talk for another year-and-a-half. But I was off and embarking on a new adventure.”

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Mick Foley had revealed his favorite character out of the three that he played

Mick Foley and his three avatars in WWE
Mick Foley and his three avatars in WWE

Back in 2021, during an appearance on Excuse Me: The Vickie Guerrero Show, Mick Foley said that Mankind was his favorite character out of the three he played in the WWE. He stated that Mankind used to reach out to folks who didn’t feel like they fit. Mick Foley stated that he is expected to take people’s minds off their issues and entertain them, which he did. He added that it took him years to realize that people were connecting with Mankind, and that he felt a kinship with Mankind and became a big deal in the company as a result.

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