Monday Night Raw could undergo a big change after its transition to Netflix in 2025

Nick Khan sat with Pat McAfee to elaborate on the recent Raw-Netflix Streaming Deal.

Monday Night Raw could undergo a big change after its transition to Netflix in 2025

Raw and Netflix (via Wrestling News/Crowdspring)

TKO Group has been making headlines ever since the news of the new deal with the popular streaming platform, Netflix, surfaced. Recently, WWE President, Nick Khan had an interview at the Pat McAfee Show where he revealed the projected course for the Red Brand after the deal with Netflix.


Khan threw light on how the competition has remained stiff around Mondays. However, he’d go on to express his confidence in the Monday Night Raw programming that managed to garner them a 0.6 rating in the 18 to 49 demography, during the big football games. As a result, Raw would continue to remain on the Mondays.

Additionally, Khan displayed his pragmatic businessman demeanor by highlighting how multiple factors influence the decision over choosing the airing day. Further, he’d go on to praise the leadership at Disney and other streaming platforms for giving WWE programming a run for their money.

All in all, the month of January 2024 has been really big for the Stamford-based company. Not only has the promotion been delivering a greater refined content on its shows but, significant developments like Dwayne The Rock Johnson, joining the TKO Board of Directors, point towards big imminent changes.


Nick Khan explains how the deal with Netflix came to fruition

WWE has been making big tides with big professional developments as TKO Group recently announced the partnership with Netflix. The conversation with Nick Khan on the Pat McAfee Show covered various aspects that revolved around the deal. Here’s how he claimed the deal came to fruition:

Nick Khan
Nick Khan during the Pat McAfee Show (via @WrestleFeatures/’X’)
It was a robust marketplace, we had a lot of meetings, there was a lot of interest, a high number of offers. The fact that they come to us and say 'yeah, we strike a deal and you guys do all the rest' Is something that they like, and certainly something in our wheelhouse.
Nick Khan on how deal with Netflix got finalized

As can be inferred, Khan began by recounting WWE’s original deals with the USA Network and how they have been highly profitable deals at this point. Khan emphasized the feature of freedom that motivated both companies to come together and seal the deal.

Additionally, Khan revealed how the deal came to fruition within months. Khan also highlighted the positive backstage response and how Netflix is a platform that continues to perch at the top of the streaming competition. He added how everyone is reacting positively to the growth that WWE has recently shown since the last time Vince McMahon was the Chairman.

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