Former WWE Superstar set to reunite with Charlotte Flair and Liv Morgan as they get cast in “Queen of the Ring”  film

The Queen of the Ring movie will cast former WWE star Naomi alongside Charlotte Flair and Liv Morgan as supporting characters.

Former WWE Superstar set to reunite with Charlotte Flair and Liv Morgan as they get cast in “Queen of the Ring”  film

Naomi, Charlotte Flair and Liv Morgan (via WWE)

Queen of the Ring is an upcoming movie showcasing the story of women’s wrestling pioneer Mildred Burke. This film will not only be a vital step for wrestling, but it will also bring back WWE superstars to bond over. According to recent reports, former WWE star Naomi will be joining the cast along with Charlotte Flair and Liv Morgan.

Mildred Burke’s biopic will be directed by Ash Avildsen, with Jim Ross as the producer. The story will revolve around the life of Burke, the longest-reigning women’s champion of all time. Having even wrestled with men, Mildred was the epitome of a beautiful yet fierce performer. The movie stars Emily Bett Rickards in the lead role of Mildred, while Flair and Morgan will play the supporting roles of June Byers and Clara Mortensen, respectively.


Current Impact wrestler Trinity Fatu popularly known as Naomi has also announced her cameo in the movie. Brevard Talent Group first announced Naomi’s news and revealed that the filming of the biopic began in June. As Flair and Morgan’s announcement of their roles was done earlier, fans were concerned with the latter’s active participation.

Liv Morgan was suffering from an injury and was on hiatus for a few weeks. Liv’s return on SmackDown has brought back excitement among the fans. The casting of Charlotte Flair, Liv Morgan, and Naomi in Queen of the Ring has continued the legacy of wrestling stars making their way into Hollywood.

Besides, the WWE Universe has seen Seth Rollins on the sets of Captain America: New World Order. On the other hand, AEW Champion MJF has been cast for the role of Lance Von Erich in The Iron Claw movie. Thus, it will be a treat for the wrestling fans to see their favorite stars in the limelight of Hollywood.


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Naomi opens about walking away from WWE with Sasha Banks

Naomi and Sasha Banks
Naomi and Sasha Banks (via WWE)

Former WWE superstar Naomi quit the company last year along with her tag team partner Sasha Banks. In an interview with Denise Salcedo, she stated that her exit from WWE was driven by her desire for happiness. She stated how it was tough for her initially but has resulted in her long-term dignity.

Naomi said her thought process was self-questioning. She contemplated the things she needed to do to feel better. The former WWE star revealed that she asked herself what the next season of her life should be. But over all the money, fame, and exposure, she chose to quit WWE.


On the May 16, 2022, episode of RAW, Banks and Naomi relinquished their Women’s Tag Team Championship ahead of their six-man tag team match. Considering this action, WWE indefinitely suspended both superstars from the company.

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