Former Women’s Champion teases her return to WWE, vows to seek redemption from Rhea Ripley

Nia Jax vowed to get revenge against Rhea Ripley, seemingly teasing an appearance at the upcoming premium live event, Payback.

Former Women’s Champion teases her return to WWE, vows to seek redemption from Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley (via WWE)

Rhea Ripley has dominated the women’s division on her main roster since WrestleMania. The Eradicator has reached new heights as she continues to dispatch her rivals with ease. However, former Women’s Champion Nia Jax sent a stern warning to Ripley, hinting at her WWE return in her recent interview.


While speaking to Sportskeeda, the former WWE Superstar threatened to come after Ripley and vowed to seek vengeance. “Rhea Ripley, your Dom Dom is not going to be able to help you, honey. I’m going to get payback,” she stated. Nia Jax had a brief rivalry with the 26-year-old during the summer of 2021.

Their only encounter ended with Rhea Ripley picking up the win on an episode of RAW. As a result, the former Women’s Champion is seeking revenge against her. Interestingly, the Irresistible Force mentioned getting her “payback.” Therefore, this led to fan speculation online about her possible return to the promotion at the upcoming premium live event, Payback.

Rhea Ripley will have to defend her Women’s World Championship against Raquel Rodriguez at Payback. Also, Nia Jax has been stealing headlines as of late with teases for a potential second run with the company. Her last appearance came earlier this year when she entered the Royal Rumble match at the #30 spot.


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Rhea Ripley will look to eliminate the “Raquel” problem

Raquel Rodriguez and Rhea Ripley
Raquel Rodriguez and Rhea Ripley(via Twitter)

Payback will air live from the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. One of the marquee bouts is for the Women’s World title. The current champion, Rhea Ripley, gears up to face her former friend, Raquel Rodriguez. Undoubtedly, this will be the toughest challenge for the Judgment Day member thus far in her reign.

Since winning the belt at WrestleMania, she has easily knocked off her opponents. Previously, Raquel defeated The Eradicator in a Last Man Standing bout in NXT. However, she has leveled up from her days in the developmental brand. The two superstars have been at loggerheads for quite some time.

Rhea Ripley injured Raquel’s tag team partner, Liv Morgan, thus making their feud more personal. Moreover, Ripley was the reason Rodriguez and Morgan lost their tag team titles. Therefore, Raquel will seek payback from The Eradicator for everything she did. It will be intriguing to watch their match given their hard-hitting past bouts, which were well-received by fans.


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