Former TNA World Champion breaks silence after getting RKOed by Randy Orton on this week’s SmackDown

Nick Aldis is still feeling the effects of getting an RKO out of nowhere from The Viper.

Former TNA World Champion breaks silence after getting RKOed by Randy Orton on this week’s SmackDown

Randy Orton after signing with SmackDown [via- WWE]

In one of the biggest gains of SmackDown history, Randy Orton signed with the blue brand on this week’s show. His decision kept swinging like a pendulum until the home stretch of the episode. In the end, Nick Aldis secured The Viper for his brand. However, just when Aldis went closer to raise Orton’s hand, he couldn’t intercept what was coming his way.


In his first bump on WWE television, Nick Aldis got his lights out, courtesy of an RKO from The Viper. After putting his general manager to rest, Orton chuckled at the sight. Unsurprisingly, the jam-packed crowd at the Barclays Center was all for it. And if someone’s wondering how Mr. Aldis is doing, he’s got an update. Taking it to X, Nick expressed his surprise at the turn of events.

Earlier in the night, Nick prepared himself for a bidding war. He relayed the word to Paul Heyman that he could even put The Bloodline’s status up in the air to make Randy Orton a SmackDown exclusive superstar. Tensions escalated when Raw GM Adam Pearce entered the negotiations to sing The Viper.

Despite being RKO’d, Nick Aldis would be ecstatic to have The Apex Predator on his show. SmackDown needed a fan-favorite babyface. Though LA Knight was firing on all cylinders; the inclusion of Randy Orton is certainly a boon to SmackDown.


Adam Pearce reacts after getting snubbed by Randy Orton

One man who would feel like losing Randy Orton to SmackDown was a missed opportunity is Adam Pearce. Though he tried his best to land The Viper on Monday nights, Orton’s previous wounds were too much to put them on the back-burner and seek championship gold on Raw.

Adam Pearce and Randy Orton
Adam Pearce and Randy Orton [via- Wrestling News on X]

As a result, Randy denied Pearce’s offer. Though upset, Adam Pearce has also reacted to Randy Orton’s latest decision to not come on board with him. Through an official post on X, the Raw GM told everyone that he may not like what transpired on SmackDown last night, but he gets where The Apex Predator is coming from.

Now, it would be an uphill task for Pearce to pull out a move similar to his counterpart, Nick Aldis.

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