“I’ll do whatever I want with it”; Nikki Cross comments on throwing away the 24/7 title on WWE Raw

“I’ll do whatever I want with it”; Nikki Cross comments on throwing away the 24/7 title on WWE Raw

Nikki Cross throwing away the 24/7 Championship backstage on Raw (Image Credits: Wrestling News)

The original Nikki Cross is back, once again playing her menace tricks. Last night on WWE Raw, we witnessed a significant role being played by her. By the looks of it, she has temporarily aligned herself with The Damage CTRL, for the time being. Cross turned out to be the definitive factor during the all-out brawl between Belair, Bliss and Asuka up against Bayley, Kai and SKY.

She joined the heels and quickly turned the tables over Bianca Belair’s camp. Once again, Nikki Cross planted Alexa Bliss with her patent “Cross-over” finishing maneuver, a similar sight to Crown Jewel. At the end, the villainous lot of girls ended up being the ones smiling.


Later on in the night, Cross battled Dana Brooke for the 24/7 Championship. The Damage CTRL accompanied their newest devotee to the ring and guess what, we got ourselves a new champion. As they went backstage and cameras rolled over them, Nikki Cross was show having a sick smile on her face. She then casually threw that 24/7 title near a dumpster, however it missed the target by an inch.

That incident was good enough to grab the attention of WWE Universe. By the looks of it, this might be the perfect way to get rid off the useless 24/7 title, which did nothing good to anyone, except R-Truth. The new regime doesn’t feels like the biggest admirer of that stale “basic-looking” strap, and hence they dumped it. You can also check out how Nikki Cross reacted after committing the deed.

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Nikki Cross is part of a huge match at Survivor Series

Nikki Cross in Wargames match at Survivor Series
Nikki Cross will compete in Wargames match at Survivor Series (Image Credits: Post Wrestling)

After weeks of disturbances and eruptions, we’ve now got ourselves a WarGames match at Survivor Series between Team Bianca and Team Bayley. This will be a 5-on-5 stipulated contest, fought inside that demonic caged-structure being spread over two rings. For Bianca’s side, they have herself, Alexa Bliss and Asuka, leaving 2 more spots open.

Whereas, coming onto The Damage CTRL, Bayley alongside her girls Dakota and SKY are the three constants. They’ve now been joined by the psychopath Nikki Cross, which means they only got a single place to fill in with. We should get a much clear idea of who’s going to join both the groups in coming weeks.

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Manifesting to the highest level, what if Sasha Banks and Naomi join Team Bianca at Survivor Series. After all, the event is happening in Boston and that’s where from Banks originated, so makes complete sense to even think of same. We’re less than two weeks away from Survivor Series and we can hope a stacked show, at least.

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